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Personal Details

Eligibility to Work in the UK

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If you are invited to interview/selection day you will need to provide proof of this in the form of original documentation.

Employment History

Please give details covering no less than the last 5 years of your work history, starting with your most recent employer and then work backwards from your second most recent to the oldest employer. You should account for gaps in your employment (subject to the provisions relating to disclosure under the rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974).

Previous employment with Go Ahead

Have you applied or been employed by Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company or a Company of the Go Ahead Group in the past?

Transfer agreements exist between the various Go-Ahead Group companies. Please note that Go-Ahead colleagues will have to submit to our normal recruitment process.

Education & Professional Qualifications

Please detail any relevant qualifications, the dates obtained and the establishment where you achieved these. PCV licence holders should disclose current CPC qualifications and modules taken in past five years.

Further Information and Relevant Experience

Please outline why you believe you are suitable for this position outlining relevant examples of your skills and experience, either from your current or previous roles or from other relevant situations such as outside work. We do not accept CVs as a substitute for completing this information.

Personal Motivation


Please give the name and address of two referees. They should not be related to you and should include your present employer (or if you are a school leaver, your Head Teacher).

Referee 1 (must be your most recent employer)

Referee 2 - your previous employer's details


References are requested for all new employees. If a reference contradicts information given by the employee or is, in our sole opinion, unsatisfactory, the company reserves the right to terminate his or her employment immediately observing any appropriate notice period.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

You are not required to disclose convictions that are 'spent'. Please note that 'unspent' cautions or convictions will not necessarily disqualify you from the post.


Driving Experience and Details (if applying for a driving role)

Do you have a PCV Licence?
If yes, does it have full or provisional entitlement?
Do you have any endorsements?
Has any PCV or driving licence been refused or revoked?
Have you completed the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)?
Do you hold a Driver Qualification Card (DQC)?



(For example, the Drivers? computer theory test can be taken in an audio format and up to 25% extra time given for the maths test).


Notice Period/Start Date

Annual leave

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 (?The Act?) sets out certain requirements for the protection of your personal information against unauthorised use of disclosure. The Act gives you certain rights. Except to the extent we are required or permitted by law, the information which you provide in this application form, and any other information obtained or provided during the course of your application (?the information?) will be used solely for the purpose of assessing your application. If your application is unsuccessful or you choose not to accept any offer of employment we make, the information will not be held for longer than necessary, after which time it will be destroyed, although relevant information will be retained in the longer term to facilitate our Equal Opportunities Monitoring. If your application is successful, the information will form part of your Personnel file and we will be entitled to process it for all purposes in connection with your employment. So that we may use the information for the above purposes and on the above terms, we are required under the Act to obtain your explicit consent.




Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

The Company seeks to recruit employees on the basis of their general suitability for a position and aims to ensure that consideration of age, sex, marital status, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation and racial or ethnic origin should play no part in this process.

In order to monitor the effectiveness of this commitment to equal opportunities, it would be helpful if you could complete this form. Completion is not compulsory but should you give details below this will be kept separate from your main application form and will be used for no other purpose than that as stated in this paragraph.


Ethnic Origin


Religion or belief:



Under the Equality Act disability is defined as "A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term effect on the ability to carry out normal day to day activities".