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To receive your Helping Hand card, please fill in the form below. If a bespoke card is required, a customer services advisor will ring you personally to discuss the best option to suit your requirements.

We will work hard to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of customer service at all times.

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helping hand imageOn the back of the card, customers can add an emergency contact number such as a relative or carer as well as the customer's name. This can be helpful for passengers that may have a medical condition or dementia, or just for ones peace of mind.

This additional information is voluntary and not essential, although is recommended.

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Customers can choose from our popular pre-approved cards or a bespoke card can be made, if required.

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Personal information is kept totally confidential and only used to provide the passenger with their card and will not be passed onto any other organisation or third party. If you want to find out more about how we use personal data please see our privacy policy. By hitting submit you are consenting to us using your personal data to process the card.

Once your card has been dispatched all personal information will be deleted from our files, including any medical information.