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Your guide to accessible buses 

all Brighton & Hove's bus routes are operated with low-floor buses

what type of wheelchair can I take on a bus?

download PDF Download our pdf to see if your wheelchair is acceptable

People using wheelchairs are welcome on board nearly all of our buses. There are just a few older single deck buses still in our fleet without a ramp or a designated wheelchair space, but they are low-floor. The only buses not yet wheelchair accessible run on some journeys on route 46 between Hollingbury and Southwick. Double deck wheelchair accessible buses also operate on these routes so if you want to travel, phone our Customer Services team on 01273 886200 and they can let you know which journeys will have a wheelchair accessible bus that day.

do I have to use the designated wheelchair space on the bus?

Yes. The regulations only allow a wheelchair to be carried in the designated space - it's on the nearside immediately after the luggage rack over the front wheel. Wheelchairs must be reversed up to the "ironing board" style cushion and face the rear of the bus. Brakes must be applied.

There is a legal requirement for other passengers to give up their seat or fold down a buggy to accommodate a wheelchair user. 

Only one wheelchair can be carried on each bus. When buses are busy we will allow wheelchair users to board first so they can be confident of accessing the designayed space.

what about the ramps?

The City Council has an ongoing programme of making as many bus stops as possible in the city easily accessible. This involves special raised kerbs so that the bus can get right next to it and a wheelchair user gets on or off without even needing a ramp. In other cases the driver will activate a ramp to make getting on and off the bus with a wheelchair quick and easy.

Our latest buses on route 1, 5, 6, 7 and 49 buses have a new style of manually operated ramp which a carer can activate. There's a clearly displayed lever built into the ramp and it easily opens by pulling upwards, but the driver will also be happy to activate the ramp.

buggies and shopping trolleys

Buggies are now coming in all shapes and sizes and it's difficult to stipulate how many can be carried. Our guideline is 3, but this will be less if a wheelchair user is occupying the space too. As with wheelchair users, we would expect everyone to show goodwill and allow a buggy or shopping trolley user to use the designated space if other seats in the bus are available. However on busy buses no passengers have priority in using the designated space and it's first come, first served.

bikes on buses

Folding bikes can be carried on buses provided that they can be safely stowed in the luggage area and they do not have any parts such as handlebars or pedals sticking out which could cause a danger to other passengers. Bikes can be carried on route 79 to and from Ditchling Beacon, this is the only exception.