Welcome To The Key

A smarter way to travel on Brighton & Hove bus services.

The key is our electronic smartcard that makes paying for travel on Brighton & Hove bus services in Sussex and Kent a whole lot simpler.

To purchase your key online or login to your account please go to smartbuses.co.uk

Adult online key card prices from 26 April 2016

For student prices click here and for young people prices click here.


Valid in area from Shoreham, Patcham, Falmer and Saltdean, not valid on City Sightseeing or Night Buses.(Boundaries are Old Shoreham Red Lion, Dyke Road Avenue/Tongdean Lane (77), Patcham Black Lion, Ditchling Road/Wild Park (79), Falmer Village, Saltdean Bannings Vale) See in map form here.

1 day £4.20
7 days £19
28 days £69
Pay Monthly (Continuous payment until you cancel) £67
90 days £180
12 months £570


Valid on all Brighton & Hove buses except City Sightseeing, they are valid on Night buses. See in map form here.

1 day £4.50
7 days £20
28 days £73
Pay Monthly (Continuous payment until you cancel) £70
90 days £190
12 months £600

The above prices are for when buying online, if buying from our 1 Stop Travel Shop or Conway Street the prices will be higher as shown here.

Multi Trip tickets - 10, 20 or 30 single journeys in one ticket

If you don't travel often enough to use one of our existing period SAVERs, then the Multi Trip ticket can offer you savings on your bus travel with the added flexibility on when to use them.They are available in the Brighton & Hove citySAVER area (Shoreham - Patcham - Falmer - Saltdean) see map. You can use them on Night buses too.

These tickets allow you to purchase single journey tickets in bulk. The more you purchase the bigger the discount. They remain valid for a year so you don't have to use them all up at once. A maximum of 50 can be held on the card.

10 single trips £23
20 single trips £44
30 single trips £60

Key Benefits

With a key card you can also get discounts with other retailers - City Car Club, Amsterdammers, Donatello's, Pinocchio's, Street Thai, Bowlplex and Spa Valley Railway. For details click here.


For details of PLUSBUS bus and rail tickets on the key click here.

For more information on any of our services or fares please call our customer services team on 01273 886200.

Phone lines are open:

Mondays - Fridays ~ 7am - 7pm

Saturdays ~ 8:30am - 5:30pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays ~ 9:30am - 4:30pm

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