Brighton & Hove Buses Access Statement


We are committed to providing excellent service to everyone. We recognise that our customers have a range of needs and we are working with various groups to make sure that our services and products are completely accessible.

On Bus

We now have a 100% low floor fully accessible fleet of buses which has one of the youngest age profiles of any fleet in the country.

Accessibility friendly features include:

  • Bright and easy to read destination displays on the front, rear and nearside of our buses which clearly show the route number and final destination of each service.

  • Each bus has suspension that is capable of being lowered to the level of the kerb making it easier for passengers to walk straight off the pavement and on to the bus.

Bus Stopping Screen
  • Each bus has a ramp which can be lowered to make it easy for wheelchair users to get on the bus and access the wheelchair space.
  • Our drivers are asked to fully comply with the law in respect of the wheelchair space on our buses and will always ask other passengers, including mothers with pushchairs and buggies to vacate the wheelchair space. If for any reason you are unable to board and you aren't happy to wait for the next bus, our taxi guarantee will ensure you are not left stranded and our driver will make contact with our Control Team to arrange a taxi on your behalf.
  • Every bus is fitted with screens showing the name of the next stop and will also show if someone has already pressed the bell to request that the bus stops.
  • Every bus is fitted with 'talking buses' equipment which provides an audible announcement for the next stop information displayed on the screens.
View Out Front Of Bus
  • In order to ensure that our drivers are equipped to provide the best level of assistance and care during your journey and in order to reduce any embarrassment on busy buses, passengers with a variety of different access needs can request a yellow 'Helping Hand' card which can be shown to the driver when boarding to advise of your needs. These can be personalised for your specific access needs and might range from requesting the ramp to be lowered or for you to be able to get seated before the bus. The options are only limited by being able to fit the required text on to the card. More information can be found here.
  • We are currently trialing a hearing loop equipped double decker bus and hope that if successful, we may be able to roll this out across the rest of our fleet.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome on all our buses at no charge.
Two Customers Talking

In our 1 Stop Travel Shop

  • Our One Stop Travel Shop is accessible by wheelchair and is situated on one level with a ramp to access all customer facing areas.
  • Our 1 Stop Travel Shop is well lit with comfortable seating available.
  • All our card machines or PDQ machines have a raised dot on the number 5 and coloured keys for 'enter' and 'error'.
  • All our timetables are available in large print by request.
  • Our 'Helping Hand' cards can also be used to alert our customer service staff to your access needs. All cards can feature 'bump ons' for the benefit of our blind or visually impaired customers.
  • Hearing induction loops are available at some of our counter positions.
Customers and Staff at 1 Stop
  • A queuing system is in operation at busy times and customers are invited to take a ticket - the ticket is available at a suitable height for all users and there are screens and audible announcements advising customers of their position in the queue and directing them to an available advisor when they reach their turn.
  • Our 1 Stop Travel Shop and our Head Office at Conway Street are both dementia safe havens. More information on the safe haven scheme is available here.


  • Our accessibility video available on the website via our you tube channel includes subtitles and all future videos that are uploaded will also feature subtitles.
1 Stop Travel Staff
  • Our website '' is equipped with Speak Me and Recite Me software that enables users to increase the font size, change the colours, change the language and provide audible assistance by using the cursor to hover over any aspect of the website.


  • Regular training days are organised in partnership with Guide Dogs and Friends of the Elderly to increase staff awareness.
  • All our driver trainers are now Guide Dog Champions to Level 3.
  • 350 staff (including all front line Customer Service staff) have received training to become Dementia Friends.
  • All our Customer Service staff, 1 Stop Travel staff and Specialist Drivers/Tour Guides on the City Sightseeing Brighton Tour have undergone online accessibility awareness training in partnership with Visit England.
  • All our staff are in the process of taking a training course called 'Going the Extra Mile' which is aimed at improving general customer service delivery and also focuses on those passengers with accessibility needs.
  • We have appointed a full time Accessibility Officer to work with passengers, local accessibility groups and stakeholders to improve accessibility.


  • 43% of bus stops within Brighton & Hove have shelters.
Customer and Assistance Dog
  • Within Brighton and Hove, and the surrounding areas, the bus stops are located close to all major tourists attractions and destinations of interest.
  • 27% of all bus stops within Brighton & Hove have raised kerb stones to aid easy access to buses.
  • 90% of bus shelters within Brighton & Hove have seating.
  • 12% of the bus stop shelters with seating also have arms.
  • 15% of all bus stops within Brighton & Hove have Real Time Information screens and an increasing number of screens are becoming available in the surrounding East and West Sussex authority areas.
  • Blind and partially sighted passengers can also obtain a key fob from us which can be activated adjacent to the Real Time Information screens to provide audible announcements of the next buses due on the screen.
Customers at Bus Stop
  • All bus stops are clearly marked and well lit in the dark and where appropriate, include yellow markings and the words 'stand back' to provide safe access as the buses approach and align with the stops.
  • Litter bins are provided at many bus stops but are positioned safely so that they are not in conflict with the bus entrance.
Whilst we believe we have gone to every length currently possible to make our bus services, travel shops and travel information as easy to access as possible for all our customers, we always welcome feedback if you think there is something we can do to improve your experience with us,please feel free to call us on 01273 886200.
Customers at Bus Stop

For information on any of our services or fares please call our customer services team on 01273 886200.

Phone lines are open:

Mondays - Fridays ~ 7am - 7pm

Saturdays ~ 8:30am - 5:30pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays ~ 9:30am - 4:30pm

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