Download our m-ticket app for free and let your phone become your ticket. You can buy as many m-tickets as you need for your immediate travel requirements or for any future travel needs. Once you have chosen and paid for your m-ticket, the ticket is stored and locked on to your phone and will not expire unless activated.

Have your 'activated' ticket ready for when you get on the bus; just show your m-ticket screen clearly to the driver. If you are a student you must also show your UK Student ID/registration card; without which you will be refused travel unless you buy a paper ticket.

Our revenue protection staff may sometimes get on board and will need to see the working m-ticket on your phone, so please make sure your phone is fully charged when travelling.

SAVER Ticket Zone

Whether bought on the bus, on the m-ticket app, on the key, or as a scratchcard our SAVER ticket has two zones.


Our citySAVER ticket is ideal if you only travel around the city of Brighton & Hove and don't use our Night buses. The citySAVER is valid in area from Shoreham, Patcham, Falmer and Saltdean, not valid on City Sightseeing or Night Buses.(Boundaries are Old Shoreham Red Lion, Dyke Road/Tongdean Lane, Patcham Black Lion, Ditchling Road/Wild Park, Falmer Village, Saltdean Bannings Vale). See in map form here.

The boundary points for citySAVER tickets purchased from bus drivers, mean they are NOT VALID for travel on :

  • Services 12/12A/12X/13X/14/14A/14B/14C/N12/N14 between Saltdean (Bannings Vale) and Peacehaven, Newhaven, Seaford or Eastbourne.
  • Services 28/29/29B/29X/N29 between Falmer Village and Lewes, Ringmer, Uckfield, Crowborough or Tunbridge Wells.
  • Services 2/2B/59/60 between Old Shoreham and Upper Beeding, Bramber and Steyning.
  • Service 77 between Tongdean Lane and Devils Dyke and Service 79 between Wild Park and Ditchling Beacon.


Our networkSAVER gives unlimited travel on all Brighton & Hove buses except the City Sightseeing tours. The networkSAVER is also valid on our Night buses. See in map form here.

Please select carefully the correct zone for your travel, as failure to show the correct ticket may result in the driver refusing travel unless you pay for a paper ticket.


You can now pay for your ticket(s) by using your PayPal account. At the end of selecting what ticket(s) you want to buy, just select the PayPal icon and this will take you through to the sign-in section of your PayPal account. Once you are signed in you will be taken back to pay for your ticket(s) and then it will continue as before.


This is a quick way of giving a ticket or tickets to another m-ticket account user by selecting the "Gift this purchase to someone else" instead of "I'm buying for me" just before you pay for the ticket(s). You just have to add the other person's mobile number or email address and then confirm. The ticket will then appear on the other person's phone providing they have their own m-ticket account.

Mobile Ticketing - General:

"Mobile ticketing" refers to a ticket which is downloaded to your registered mobile telephone using an Internet site.

Mobile tickets are only available for phones setup with the English Language setting and a UK postcode. International payment cards may be used, but a UK address and post code must be used when adding the payment card details.

A good internet connection (Wi-Fi) is required to load the app and to buy tickets, but is not required during your travel. (We recommend not to use your 4G as this connection isn't as stable as WiFi)

Devices for M-tickets:

The words "mobile phone" relates to any Android smart phone or iPhone that is able to use apps and receive text messages and telephone calls. Window and Blackberry phones are not supported at this time.

Devices such as the iPad, iPod etc. are not designed for use as a telephone system but may be used for the m-ticket. However, they are not recommended for this use and as such we cannot guarantee their performance. Refunds, for loss or failure of the m-ticket system, on such devices, will not be given.

Who can use m-tickets?

The m-ticket is designed as a one ticket, on one phone and with one person operation. The only exceptions are the DUO, QUATTRO and the FAMILY tickets.

Only one app should be installed per device. You must not install two apps under two different names or purchase extra tickets for use by a second person. This can cause major operational and login issues. This will result in the driver refusing travel unless you purchase a paper ticket.

What to show the Drivers/Inspectors

On some phones, the app can take several seconds to load up, so we recommend loading the app/ticket whilst waiting for the bus, as failure to have a visible ticket on you mobile will result in the driver asking you to pay for a new ticket.

Your mobile ticket should be displayed clearly on your mobile phone screen (ensure you can see all 4 letters of the pass word by adjusting your screen text size) to show the Bus Driver or Ticket Inspector when asked.

By purchasing a mobile ticket you agree to cooperate fully with the Bus Driver or Ticket Inspector and show your phone/ticket for inspection if asked to do so. Failure to cooperate will mean the driver refusing travel unless a paper ticket is bought.

As with the paper tickets, if the mobile ticket or the device holding the app has been damaged causing the ticket to be illegible in any way, the ticket becomes invalid and a paper ticket will have to be purchased from the driver.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile phone is sufficiently charged to display the ticket as many times as required for the duration of your journey (including at origin and destination stops). With the exception being the Single Journey tickets.

If you are unable to show the ticket to the driver because the phone battery has died, then a paper ticket will need to be purchased from the driver and no refund will be available.


As a security measure, the app and the ticket will be locked to your registered devices software.

If your handset becomes damaged or replaces, this can be reset by our customer services team by contacting them on 01273 886 200 or emailing

If the phone is reset (dropped, battery removed or software updated) or the app is replaced, you do not lose your tickets. As before, they will be locked and they can then be reset by our customer services team, by contacting them as above.

If you lose the mobile device on which your tickets are stored, you do not need to create a new account as you will be able to use the same account details on a new phone. Just download the app and login using your old information. Then notify us and we can reset your tickets if appropriate. Your phone number could also be updated at this time if required. You can also update your details by going to the side menu in the app and selecting 'My Account' and then select 'Your details'. When you have changed any of the details, found on that page, remember to select the SAVE button or the changes will be lost.

The safekeeping of the mobile ticket is your responsibility and transferring or copying mobile tickets to other devices or to third parties is strictly prohibited, as is any other behaviour deliberately carried out to de-fraud Brighton & Hove Bus Company or its Retailers and Partners. In the event or suspicion of such activity we reserve the right to terminate your account and to pursue any losses or damages as a result, through the civil or criminal courts as appropriate.

If you send us a new password or we supply a new password, we will be able to reset your app and tickets quickly. You can contact our customer services team on 01273 886 200 or email us on We do not keep a record of the password and as it is only used to login to your phone, there is no security issues as we do not have access to the phone itself.

Please note at no time do we at Brighton & Hove Buses have any access to the payment card details. Your payment details are on your phone and remain there unless you 'log out'. In which case they will be deleted and you will need to add the payment card details back in the app.


Under normal circumstances no refund is given if the ticket has been activated, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any refund request must be in writing and can be sent by email to .

Each request will be considered on its own merits, but compensation is at the company's discretion and not a given right.

Under normal circumstances no refund will be given for failure of the phone system or for unforeseen road closures and congestion; however, applications for a refund will be considered on their own merits and may be given depending on the circumstances.

If a duplicate ticket is purchased by mistake then a refund may be offered, but as the tickets can remain on your phone indefinitely, it is more advisable just to keep them on the phone for your future use.

Refunds can be by returning the costs through the banking system, which can take up to 5 working days or by adding tickets to your account. They can also be given by transferring tickets to your existing key smartcard account.

Refunds for tickets purchased on devices not recommended to store the app, such as an iPod or an iPad will not be considered.

Refunds are subject to a fair usage policy and we reserve the right to decline a request should excessive claims be made.

We may modify these instructions relating to mobile ticketing at any time by posting revised versions on our web site.

Last updated 26 April 2016.

For more information on our m-ticket app or to discuss any problems please contact us by email on Alternatively you can also visit our FAQ's.

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