Knitter in Residence

We have an artist in residence and now it's time to present our knitter in residence, Nina Dodd, as we delve deeper into creative commuting.

The knitter behind the well known bus seat jumper, Nina or The Duke of Woollington, now has another ambition on a much larger scale! - A bus sized knitted West Pier and she needs your help.

In order to create a beautiful knitted picture of the West Pier the size of a double decker bus, we need nearly 5000 squares! The knitted picture will be made up of nine different colous all sewn together to create the knitted pier, which will then be draped from the side of the bus and driven around the city for everyone to enjoy!

Here's how you can get involved.

Everyone knits at a slightly different tension and we would really like the squares to be as close to 10cm x 10cm as possible. To ensure the squares are of similar sizes, please measure as you go and adjust by a stitch or two or a row or two. Using double knit wool and 3.75 needles cast on 22 stitches and work 28 rows of stocking stitch - one row plain, one row purl. Cast off and that's it!

Nina is very keen to support local charity shops and would love if you could buy your wool from them, if you can find a good colour match. Although any wool you have that matches below is perfect.

Once you have completed your square, or squares, please hand them in to our friendly staff either at 1 Stop Travel, 26 North Street or our information kiosk at Brighton Station.

Below are the colours we need and how many squares of each colour are left:

Deep Orange

We need 133 more deep orange squares.

Mid Orange

We need no more mid orange squares.

Light Orange

We need 11 more light orange squares.


We need no more yellow squares.

Light Blue

We need no more light blue squares.

Dark Blue

We need no more dark blue squares.

Deep Purple

We need no more deep purple squares.

Dark Grey

We need no more dark grey squares.


We need no more black squares.

About Nina

Nina is a keen knitter and has been knitting unusual things in Brighton for many years. To see some of the work she has created, click here.

night bus map