Mike & Scrabble

Mike Dicks and his rescue dog Scrabble live in Hove and create illustrations and jokes about themselves for social media, as prints and now in books. Their first book, Mike&Scrabble - a guide to training your new Human (ISBN-10: 1787110001), is available in all good bookshops, and some bad ones, this month. They have a complicated relationship with buses (Mike loves them, Scrabble gets a little worried about them) but they were very happy to create a unique picture for our website, as Mike got to draw a bus.

About the book:

There are many wise, practical, and academic guides that explore the relationship between pets and their owners; Mike&Scrabble is not one of them.

Instead, this picture book for adults gives an insight into the mind of a dog who has acquired a slightly damaged human, and sets about trying to train him. Mike&Scrabble's simple illustrations and one-line observations were originally designed by Mike, despite what Scrabble says, as posts for Twitter and Facebook, to joke about becoming a dog owner. The posts gathered a following of loyal fans, mainly dog owners (about 90%) including one fan in Vietnam. This is a book that dogs will buy, but as they have trouble using an iPad and don't keep money on them, it may well be attractive to their Human pets.

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night bus map