Scan all tickets from 10 November

From Saturday 10 November new ticket machines will be installed on our buses and all tickets, including paper tickets purchased from the driver, will need to be scanned.

Both our m-tickets and paper tickets will feature a QR code that will need scanning on the new readers.

How does this affect my key card?

If you have a key card you will need to scan your card on the new readers located on the ticket machines from Saturday 10 November.

How does this affect my m-ticket?

From 14 November the word of the day will be changing to a QR code. Instead of showing your phone to our drivers, you will need to scan the QR code under the reader located on our ticket machines.

How does this affect my paper ticket bought from the driver?

All 1 day SAVER paper tickets will include a QR code on the bottom of the ticket. If you are reboarding with a SAVER, please scan the QR located on your ticket under the reader on our new ticket machines. Return tickets will not have a QR code and will need to be shown to the driver.

How does this affect paper tickets purchased with another operator?

If you have purchased a ticket with another bus operator; for example a Discovery Ticket, you will still need to show your ticket to the driver as these will not be issued with QR codes. Metrobus and Compass Travel services now accept M-tickets as QR codes. If you are travelling on a Big Lemon service you will need to continue to show your mobile to the driver.

Do the new machines accept contactless cards?

The machines now accept contactless to pay for your bus ticket. You just need to tap your phone or bank cards on the ticket machine when boarding the bus: face down for cards, face up for phones.

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or with your phone using Apple or Android Pay. American Express isn't accepted.

Need a helping hand?

Our customer services team is available 7 days a week to help with any queries you might have about our new ticket machines.

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