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Great fare deals for young people aged 5 to 18 with a busID

Prices from 13 April 2014 click here for details

We offer some great price deals for young people who want to travel on our buses with a busIDcard.

busID cards are issued free to young people aged 5-18 and who are permanent residents in the Brighton & Hove area or near one of our bus routes in East or West Sussex or Kent, to be eligible for a Bus ID card, you need to have lived in the area for 2 years. You can get one by completing an application form together with a passport size photo and proof of your date of birth which can be either a Birth Certificate, Passport or Medical Card, a link to download a form is shown below.

If you are aged 14 - 18 you must have a busID card to travel at child rate half price fares otherwise we charge the full adult rate.

We renew your busID card when you become 10 and 15 but you can renew at any time if you look a little older.
After you are 15 your busID will continue to be valid until the end of the August after your 18th birthday.

busID application forms available from Schools, 1 Stop Travel Office or 43 Conway Street Hove
 A pdf version of the form is available to download and print out here.

Send your completed form to:

Customer Services BusID
Brighton & Hove Bus Company
43 Conway Street

If you live in West Sussex, East Sussex or Kent and travel on bus routes run by other bus companies, you might prefer to obtain special fare offers available exclusively in those areas.  See below for more details.

Here are details of what's on offer:

Ages 5 - 18 with busID get the following discounts:
travel for 40p

for any one-way journey, anytime, any day, when travelling with an adult. (up to 3 busID holders can travel per adult)

travel for just 70p

for any one-way journey at weekends, specified school holidays (see below) and after 6pm on schooldays when travelling alone

child fare (half the adult fare) on schooldays up to 6pm when travelling alone
reduced rate SAVERs

1 day SAVER £2.10 (from this website or from 1 Stop Travel)

1 day citySAVER
 £2.50 (from bus driver)

1 day networkSAVER £5 (from bus driver)

7 Day SAVER £11 (from bus driver) or £9.50 (from this website or from 1 Stop Travel)

Monthly continuous payment until you cancel £29 (from this website

90 Day SAVER £90 (from this website or from 1 Stop Travel)

12 month SAVER £290 (from this website or from 1 Stop Travel)

For details of the specified school holiday dates click here

If you don't have a busID
Ages 0-4 travel free with an adult (up to three infants can travel with each adult)
Ages 5-13 travel at half the adult fare and pay full price for SAVER tickets
Ages 14-18 pay the full adult fare

We are now issuing busID cards to the new smartcard format on the key.  If you would like to upgrade your busID to a smartcard, either call into 1 Stop Travel at 26 North Street or to our offices at 43 Conway Street, Hove or apply online here.

Finally, please note when you are using a reduced price SAVER ticket on the bus it must be presented with your valid busID Card.  Failure to do so may result in having to pay the normal fare and could result in a penalty fare and withdrawal of your reduced price SAVER.

West Sussex

Do you live in West Sussex and travel on bus routes run by other bus companies?

The West Sussex 3in1 card gives you reduced fares on all bus routes throughout West Sussex as well as journeys which come into Brighton as far as the Old Steine, provided you start your journey in West Sussex (eg Shoreham or Southwick).  The card costs £50 and is valid for three years or until the end of Year 11.  In sixth form or college the card is valid for 1 year only.  Those in receipt of free school meals can obtain a 3in1 card without paying the £50 fee.

Cards can be obtained from West Sussex County Council and details are available here.

On Brighton & Hove buses in West Sussex we offer the following discounts with a 3in1 card: 

The yellow coloured card for under 16s valid until the end of Year 11: travel priced at quarter the adult single and return fare.

The green coloured card for 16/17 year olds: travel priced at half the adult single and return fare.

Both the yellow and green cards allow the holder to purchase half priced one day City SAVER tickets.

East Sussex

Do you live in East Sussex and travel on bus routes run by other bus companies?

In East Sussex, children under 16 can buy a seven-day Freedom bus ticket from bus drivers by showing an East Sussex Choice ID card obtainable either from the County Council or school.  The current price of a Freedom ticket is £15 a week.  Application forms for Choice ID cards are available from schools or the County Council. They can be downloaded from here

On Brighton & Hove’s bus network Freedom tickets are available to purchase and use on routes 12/12A/12X; 13X; 14/14A/14B/14C; 27/27B/27C; 28; 29/29B/29X; and school buses 76A; 92B; 92C.


Do you live in Kent and travel on bus routes run by other bus companies?

11-16 year olds can apply for a Kent Young Person's Travel Pass which provides free travel on journeys starting and/or finishing in Kent on weekdays between 0600-1900, except in August. An application fee applies. Click here for details.

Over 16s in school, college and training can apply fora 16+ Travelcard which provides free travel on journeys starting and/or finishing in Kent at all times. An application fee applies. Click here for details.