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The key

New prices apply from 26 April 2016 click here for details

Already have a key card?

Your ticket will be ready to use the next day# if bought before 9pm (or the day after if bought after 9pm).

Welcome to the key

A smarter way to travel on Brighton & Hove bus services.

The key is our electronic smartcard that makes paying for travel on Brighton & Hove bus services in Sussex and Kent a whole lot simpler.

 Instead of buying a paper ticket, you load tickets onto the card in advance – online* or at our travel shop at 26 North Street, Brighton.

It’s much more secure than a paper ticket – if your card is stolen we can cancel it and send you a new one with any remaining travel transferred to your new card.

It can save you money, with discounts available on some tickets when purchased on the key.

No more waiting to buy a ticket or searching for change when it’s so easy to top up online. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

Your ticket doesn't start until you first use it, so you don't need to worry about start dates (except annuals), and you can have multiple tickets on your card at once

The key can be topped up again and again, no need for a new paper ticket so reduces paper use.

The card is free, you only pay for the tickets you load onto it.

Register for your new key today


If you got your key card from one of our travel shops select ‘forgotten password’ in the log in section.

For our FAQ's about the key click here.

For additional benefits on the key see our key benefits page here.

*When purchasing online tickets before 9pm they will be useable the next day. If bought after 9pm they are not valid until the day after.  Online purchases must be collected within 90 days.
** if you are eligible for Child or Student tickets you will need to register for a key card at our travel shop at 26 North Street, Brighton with your relevant ID. Your key card can be topped up online thereafter.
# Annual and Monthly tickets can still take 2 days to appear on your key, as when you purchase you have to at least set a date 2 days away from when you purchase it. Also due to reception problems in Eastbourne your key card may not update before 9am on the following journeys on Route 12/12X that originate from Eastbourne Garage, on Mondays to Fridays it's the 6.34am, 6.51am, 7.07am, 7.17am, 7.39am and 8.36am departures from Eastbourne Pier; on Saturdays it's the 6.56am, 7.16am, 7.36am, 8.06am, 9.03am and 9.33am; and on Sundays it's the 8.48am, 9.08am, 9.38am and 10.08am. 

 If you wish to travel by train you will need to apply for an additional key card from Southern Trains, click here for details.

 Video below shows how to use the key.