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Breeze up to The Downs

breeze up to the downs

So you can get the most out of some of the South Downs most beautiful locations, we run a special service during weekends and public holidays. With Breeze Up To The Downs you can swiftly speed out of the city and be surrounded by picturesque natural vistas in under an hour. Here are the bus services running to the Sussex Downs beauty spots of Devil's Dyke, Stanmer Park and Ditchling Beacon.

 Brighton - Devil's Dyke ( every day)

The longest ‘dry’ valley in the UK and home to the ruined ramparts of an Iron Age hill fort and the remains of a Victorian funfair, as well as some adventurous handgliders! For more info, see the Devil’s Dyke leaflet

 Brighton - Stanmer Park (every day)

A hidden gem located on the outskirts of Brighton, containing a historic church, a rustic village and a 100 year old mansion! For more info, see the Stanmer Park leaflet

 Brighton - Ditchling Beacon (weekends and public holidays only)

The highest point in East Sussex with a panoramic view that spans all across the South Downs! For more info, see the Ditchling Beacon leaflet

PDF copies of theSummer 2015 leaflets are available here:

Devil's Dyke on the 77 bus leaflet

Stanmer Park on the 78 bus leaflet

Ditchling Beacon on the 79 bus leaflet