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Wedding Day Hire

If you're getting married soon, it's worth sorting out the venue, the photos, catering and a hundred other things well in advance.

At Brighton & Hove we can help you organise a smooth running wedding day by providing either a modern double deck bus, or our Vintage Bus a 1965 maroon and cream Routemaster, to transport your guests see full details below.

Wedding Day Bus Hire

"Please thank our driver again for his friendly manner and understanding with our recent Wedding hire. It really made a difference and helped make our day a wonderful memory..."
Lorraine & Richard Walker

Using a bus for transport for wedding guests is proving to be more and more popular. It’s a very practical method to get everyone to the wedding venue together and at the right time as well as being a great way to overcome the logistical problems of transport afterwards to the reception, especially when many are unfamiliar with the area, to say nothing of the problems of parking and the understandable reluctance for guests to drink if they're also driving.

Many clients have found that arranging to pick guests up at a central point or even a series of the well known landmarks in the city works really well. Others arrange shuttle trips back so there is flexibility to leave the reception at different times. We will be happy to provide advice and recommendations for your particular transport needs - please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Letting us do the driving with a double deck bus is a great way for you and your guests to relax. With all the transport arrangements left to the experts everyone will be together and enjoying the special day.

Our price guide shows you the various options we can offer, all you need to do is choose which one is best for you and you can see instantly how much it will cost.

We get booked up very quickly and our Vintage Bus in particular is very popular so please contact us as early as you can so we can get everything booked in for you.

Call Donna, Rachel or Bill on 01273 886222 they'll be happy to help or email us

Wedding Day Bus Hire Rates

Please note that as we only have ONE Vintage bus, in the unlikely event that it should be mechanically unfit we reserve the right to substitute a modern bus (Should this be necessary we will reduce the price of your hire accordingly).

 Prices from 1 January 2016 Modern Bus# Vintage Bus#
Single journey to the Church
or from the Church to the Reception (approx 1 hour)
Journey to the Church
and from the Church to the Reception (approx 3 hours)
Journey to the Church
and/or from the Church to the Reception, to include late evening journey from the Reception (full day hire)
Journey to the Church
and/or from the Church to the Reception, with additional mid evening journey to and late evening from the Reception (full day hire with mid evening journey)

* The journey late in the evening to take guests home from the reception will be operated with a modern bus.
# These prices are based on local travel in the Brighton area, longer distance travel will incur additional costs. 

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