16 to 20 Bus Saver - West Sussex

People travelling on a bus next to text that reads '16 to 20 bus saver'

Anyone aged 16 to 20, living in West Sussex can now purchase a 16 to 20 Bus Saver fare or ticket, which is the same price as the existing child rate. The scheme applies to any direct bus journey starting, wholly within, or finishing in West Sussex. Discounted tickets are available via our app, or from the driver using contactless payment cards or cash.

Click here to view the West Sussex 16-20 tickets available on our mobile app.

If you are purchasing tickets on our app, you will need to complete a simple in-app verification before you are able to activate your first ticket. Once complete, you will be able to purchase and activate further Mobile Tickets without verification up until the day before your 21st Birthday. If you are planning on purchasing a ticket from our driver, please make sure to bring a valid proof of age. As an alternative to carrying official documents like passports and birth certificates, Citizencard will also be accepted.