Christmas & New Year Holiday Bus Services

7 months ago Wed 1st Nov 2023

A snowy Brighton Scene next to text that reads 'Christmas and New Year Bus Services'
An easy way to see timetables of your route over the holiday period is to visit the Routes and Maps page, select your route, change the date and direction, press update and the timetable for that day will be displayed.

Saturday 23rd December
Normal Saturday service.

Sunday 24th December
Sunday service, finishing from approximately 2200 (see full list below).
Night routes will not operate.

Monday 25th December
Christmas Day special timetable on routes 1, 1A, 5B, 7, 12 and 49.
Night buses will not operate.
Christmas Day timetables

Tuesday 26th December
Boxing Day special timetable on routes 1/1A, 2, 5/5A, 5B, 6, 7, 12/12A, 13, 14/14A, 18, 22/22B, 25, 26, 27, 28, 48, 49, 50, 77, 78 and 79.
Night buses will not operate. 
Boxing Day timetables

Wednesday 27th December
Saturday service, except routes 77 & 79 will not operate.
Buses on route 5A will stop at Hove Polyclinic.

Thursday 28th December
Saturday service, except routes 77 & 79 will not operate.
Buses on route 5A will stop at Hove Polyclinic.

Friday 29th December
Saturday service, except routes 77 & 79 will not operate.
Buses on route 5A will stop at Hove Polyclinic.

Saturday 30th December
Normal Saturday service.

Sunday 31st December
Normal Sunday Service in operation, with additional journeys on routes N5, N12, N14 & N25.
Night buses N1, N5, N7, N12, N14 & N25 will be operating. 
New Year's Eve night bus timetables

Monday 1st January
Sunday service.

Tuesday 2nd January
Normal Monday to Friday school term timetable resumes.

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 2023 Last Buses

Most buses will finish operating by about 2200; the last departure on each service is listed below:

Services 1/1A
2106 Swanborough Drive to Mile Oak
2121 Swanborough Drive to Churchill Square only
2124 Mile Oak to Swanborough Drive

Service 2
2106 Rottingdean to Shoreham
2136 Rottingdean to Blatchington Road only
2119 Shoreham to Old Steine only

Services 5/5A
2131 Patcham to Hangleton
2107 Hangleton to Patcham

Service 5B
2116 Hollingbury to Hangleton
2122 Hangleton to Hollingbury

Service 6
2140 Downs Park to Brighton Station
2140 Brighton Station to Downs Park

Service 7
2140 George Street to Marina
2135 Marina to George Street

Services 12/12A
2050 Brighton Station to Eastbourne
2110 Brighton Station to Denton Corner
2130 Brighton Station to Newhaven Station 
2055 Eastbourne to Brighton Station
2125 Eastbourne to Newhaven Station only

Service 14/14C
2130 Brighton Station to Newhaven Station
2055 Peacehaven to Brighton Station

Service 18
2134 Brighton Station to Queens Park
2120 Queens Park to Brighton Station

Service 21
2055 Churchill Square to Marina
2115 Marina to Churchill Square

Service 22
2115 Churchill Square to Woodingdean
2144 Woodingdean to Churchill Square 

Service 24
2111 Churchill Square to Hollingbury
2054 Hollingbury to Churchill Square
2154 Hollingbury to Lewes Road Garage only

Service 25
2134 Old Steine to Sussex University 
2134 Sussex University to Old Steine

Service 26
2124 Churchill Square to Hollingbury
2150 Hollingbury to Churchill Square

Service 27
2128 Westdene, Withdean Stadium to Saltdean
2125 Saltdean to Westdene, Withdean Stadium

Services 28/29/29A
2040 Churchill Square to Ringmer
2110 Churchill Square to School Hill
2013 Tunbridge Wells to Churchill Square
2134 Ringmer to Churchill Square 

Service 46
2020 Southwick to Hollingbury
2120 Southwick to Old Steine only
2022 Hollingbury to Southwick
2122 Hollingbury to Portslade Station

Service 48
2050 Lower Bevendean to Churchill Square  
2150 Lower Bevendean to Lewes Road Bus Garage only 
2127 Churchill Square to Lower Bevendean

Service 49
2117 East Moulsecoomb to Portslade
2136 East Moulsecoomb to Churchill Square
2125 Portslade to East Moulsecoomb

Service 50
2141 Churchill Square to Lewes Road Garage
2115 Hollingdean to Churchill Square