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Disability Pride

Free bus travel for companions of Disabled Concessionary Card Holders on Sunday 14 July

The city of Brighton & Hove is once again hosting the only Disability Pride in England on Sunday 14 July.

The event, founded by Jenny Skelton, will bring together organisations and residents from across the city to celebrate and raise awareness.

We are offering free travel on all our buses for any companion travelling with a Disabled Concessionary Card Holder. This means the card holder and companion can enjoy the celebratory day together. 

Free travel will also be included on the Metrobus services 270 and 271 to Brighton.

How does my companion claim free travel?

Show your disabled concessionary card to the driver and advise them who your chosen companion is. 

What happens if I already have a Plus Companion (+C) on my Disabled Concessionary Card?

You are still entitled to your normal free plus one companion but on Sunday 14 July you can have a second companion travelling free with you. 

Are there any restrictions?

The normal terms and conditions of your Disabled Concessionary pass will still apply. If you are unaware of the travelling restrictions please contact your local council or call us on 01273 886200.

This offer only applies for all Brighton & Hove Buses and the 270 and 271 services on Metrobus. Please be advised that no other Metrobus services will apply for this offer.

This offer also only applies on 14 July only.

For more details on Disability Pride please visit

Shuttle Buses - in partnership with Community Transport

Community Transport logo

Brighton Station - Imperial Arcade - Disability Pride

Every 20 minutes starting at 9.30am shuttle buses will operate between Brighton Station and Disability Pride park. Shuttle buses will also be operating return journeys to Brighton Station throughout the day. The last bus leaves the park at 7.35pm. We highly recommend customers return on earlier journeys to enable travel. The timetable for the shuttle buses can be found here.

A much higher frequency service will operate from Brighton Station via the 6 service. These buses are every 10 minutes and are large double deck buses. Although this service doesn't operate directly to the park customers can alight at Norfolk Square.

All Brighton & Hove services operating via Western Road will allow customers access to the Disability Pride park via the Norfolk Square stop. For all timetable information, click here.

Remember all Disabled Concessionary Card holders are allowed a plus one travelling with them free. 

For ticket prices for any extra customers, please click here.

Map showing shuttle service, 6 service, pedestrian route and Norfolk Square for all services operating via Western Road.

Map showing shuttle service, 6 service, pedestrian route and Norfolk Square for all services operating via Western Road.

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