4th May - 30th August

Welcome to the only free Brighton Tours led by a born and bred Brightonian with 480 years of Brighton ancestry. A percentage of tips even goes to charity. Join a regular group or private tour that is a far cry from boring history classes and will appeal to locals and tourists alike. 

The Free Best of Brighton Tour

Why was Brighton’s palace built like an Indian mosque? How did two women marry in 1923? Why did tourists drink sea water and even mix it with milk? Wives for sale, a railway in the sea, a useless king and a war hospital with chandeliers, the Free Brighton Walking Tour has it all. Plus see the universe’s oldest electric railway, the world’s first vertical cable car and England’s most instagrammed sight outside of London.

The Free Murder, Malice and Mystery Tour 

Not suitable for children under 15 or people of a squeamish nature, the Free Murder tour dares you to investigate an age when Brighton was known as the ‘Queen of Slaughtering places.’ Can you follow the killer’s trail when the body no longer exists? Would a woman confess to a murder she never committed? Could a calculated poisoning spree be the act of an insane person? You would be very wise to investigate. 

Upcoming Dates

4th May - 31st July 2024: 11am on Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun

1st August - 30th August 2024: 11am on Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun


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