BusID multi trip tickets

If you don’t travel often enough to use one of our existing period SAVER tickets, then the multi trip ticket can offer you savings on your bus travel with the added flexibility on when to use them. They are available for journeys within the citySAVER area (Shoreham – Patcham – Falmer – Saltdean) and can also be used on our night buses too.

The multi trip tickets allow you to purchase single journey tickets in 10, 20 or 30. The more you purchase the bigger your discount. The tickets can be activated at any point within a year from purchase so you don’t need to use them all at once and can save them for later. A maximum of 50 single journeys can be held on your busID.

  Online In Store
10 single trips £14.65 £14.80
20 single trips £27.75 £27.90
30 single trips £36.95 £37.15