Safer travel on our buses

Today Thu 24th Sep 2020

Latest COVID-19 safety and travel advice

If you have just started travelling with us again or are planning on coming back to bus we’re delighted to welcome you back on board.

More people are starting to use our buses – and the government are now encouraging people back to public transport, it is not just for those essential journeys.

We have added more buses and increased our timetables to give you more choice of journeys and help spread out on the buses. Our services are now running to around 90% of pre-coronavirus levels. We’ll give you as much notice as possible when we increase services again.

Current service levels can be found here

Our buses are put through a rigorous cleaning regime every night.  We use hospital grade cleaning products. Our cleaning team is also out every day at key locations, jumping onto our buses to give them an additional wipe down using the same high standard cleaning product - this occurs three or four times a day. For more information on what else we’ve been doing to keep you and our staff safe please click here.

Making Travel Safer

If you’re new to buses again or just want a refresher of the latest advice we've put together this handy guide for travelling with us. You can also view our latest poster here, for employers as well as individual customers getting ready to return to our buses. 

Here is a helpful guide for employers as well as individual customers for getting ready to return to public transport now that Government advice has changed. 

This guidance and advice is there to keep us all safe.  Please be kind and patient throughout these times:

  • Government advice is to not travel by bus if you feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms. See government guidelines here.
  • Wash your hands before and after travelling with us.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • The buses have lower capacity levels and these are clearly displayed on the side of them.
  • Currently our busiest times are between 10:00-15:00, morning and afternoon peak times are much quieter. You can also check how busy your bus is using our live journey planning tool.
  • If you don’t use the app or key card we accept contactless payment on board our buses. We still accept cash but we don’t offer change. More details can be found here. You must wear a face covering - some people may be exempt from wearing a face covering, full details can be found here.
  • Board the bus one at a time.
  • Only sit next to someone from your household or bubble.
  • Do not queue in the aisle or next to the driver.
  • Help keep fresh air flowing through the bus by keeping windows open.
  • When you want to get off the bus ring the bell and remain seated until the bus stops.

If you need assistance please ask the driver as normal.

The government guidance can be found here.

If there is something we haven’t covered above then visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or please contact us – ways to contact us can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you on board our buses.

Further advice

We recommend you stay up to date with the latest advice published on the NHS and Public Health England websites.

We have Covid-19 safe certified working environments - more details here.