Exact fares only - no change

1 year ago Wed 22nd Apr 2020

After consultation with colleagues, Unite the Union and stakeholders we announced that our drivers would stop giving out change to passengers paying by cash from 15 April. This is a temporary measure to help protect drivers and passengers by reducing contact.

Over the past few weeks, we have been appealing to passengers to use other payment methods - like contactless, key cards or using the mobile phone app - rather than cash.

The on-bus posters, press coverage, website information and social media must have been working, as there has been a significant drop in the number of people paying with cash.

Nevertheless, we recognise that some passengers may not own a smart phone or feel comfortable using contactless payments. We do not want to stop them travelling, so we have not banned cash altogether.

While passengers are encouraged to have the exact fare ready, drivers can give out change vouchers. Passengers can redeem these vouchers once our travel shops and our Conway Street reception reopen. Alternatively, they may send the voucher to Customer Services for a refund.