How busy is my bus?

9 months ago Wed 22nd Jul 2020


How busy is my bus? Try it now

We have introduced a live journey planning tool on our website so you can see how busy your bus is and you can decide whether to travel or to wait for the next bus instead.

The online tool, accessed via the maps, gives each bus a rating: quiet, moderate or busy, and it does this in real time so you can make an informed choice about your journey.

Our buses will become busier as lockdown eases and more people are out and about. While we’ve increased passenger capacity to around 50% of the usual seated capacity, we must still stick to the government’s latest social distancing guidelines. You may also prefer to travel when it's quieter.

To check your bus, find your stop on our map, click on it, select ‘track buses' and then click on a bus, or check out our easy-to-use guide here on how to get started.