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Live & Breathe

Our Live & Breathe campaign aims to capture the true heart of Brighton & Hove and at the same time help to tackle climate change with the introduction of 30 new Enviro400 extended range electric buses that will deliver 133,104 emissions-free miles driven in the ULEZ each year. 

Our new buses showcase Brighton's iconic landmarks, its people, its diversity and vibrant spirit. They are a celebration of our amazing city and a visible commitment to improving air quality. The buses bring to life the essence of the city through 60 bespoke local images and a design that mirrors the city with its blue skies, the green of the seafront architecture, a midnight blue silhouetted skyline against a dark teal sea. Inside the bus we share vital messages about the environment and highlight the sustainable benefits of choosing to travel by bus. To find out more about the artists and locations of these iconic images and how to get there click on this link.

The buses will serve the route 5; one of the city’s busiest routes where up to 30 buses will travel through the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) every hour. The route covers areas including Hangleton, Hollingbury, Hove, Patcham and Preston Park. A total of 7.6 million passenger journeys are made each year on the route 5 which equates to 133,104 emissions-free miles driven in the ULEZ. Our aim is to help improve air quality for everybody by continually cutting emissions and reducing our energy and fuel use.

The new extended range hybrid electric buses achieve zero emissions day and night through the centre of Brighton because they don’t need to recharge in the middle of the day. This keeps buses in service and eliminates the need for the city to have expensive and intrusive roadside charging stations. When it comes to improving air quality and congestion buses are a crucial part of the solution.

The ULEZ covers Castle Square in the Old Steine, North Street and Western Road, as far as Palmeira Square.

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