1st - 30th June

This June, in the coastal town of Newhaven, East Sussex, there will be a month of events, workshops, walks and community gatherings programmed to accompany 15 specially commissioned artworks that will be installed across the town. And all of it will be accessible to all by bus on our Coaster routes 12, 12A and 12X.

Some of the biggest names in graphic art, illustration and street art will be creating murals for the Look Again Supergraphics Festival in June. Artists include Anthony Burrill, Annie Frost Nicholson, Amber Elise, Supermundane, Eelus and See Creatures.

Artworks have been designed to represent the community, local landscape, nature and history of Newhaven. The festival will see blank walls and neglected streets converted into spaces of colour and creativity. Look Again aims to bring joy and inspiration to the town’s residents, and encourage visitors to reassess the industrial town they may have previously overlooked. 

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