Getting you back to school safely

The safety of children returning to school is paramount - our goal is to get them there and back quickly and as safely as possible. 

The safety measures we put in place when schools returned in September 2020 are still in place - such as dedicated buses and extra cleaning (using hospital grade products). 

Our journeys for schoolchildren are in accordance with the guidance set out by the Department for Education and Department for Transport for dedicated bus journeys.

Back to school safety advice

What you need to know when travelling on our buses to and from school

  • We are operating all of the same buses that we provided for schoolchildren until the schools closed in January for the national lockdown.
  • We are continuing with some journeys being ‘schoolchildren only’ for the most relevant part of that journey (schoolchildren only journeys are open to those aged 18 and under).
  • School children can still travel on regular buses. 
  • As before, when travelling on ‘schoolchildren only’ services children should sit in their school bubbles as defined by the school in conjunction with the Department for Education. When travelling to school on regular bus services children should follow the guidelines for travelling on public transport and where possible sit upstairs on double deck buses.
  • Everyone must wear a face covering unless they are exempt. Children under 11 are exempt along with people who have certain medical conditions. If you’re unsure, click here for more information. We provide Helping Hand exemption cards to those who would like one. Face coverings need to be worn at all times and cover both the nose and mouth.
  • We have reduced cash handling to minimise contact. If you do pay in cash a change voucher will be given in return which can be used in exchange for further journeys. There are alternatives to cash such as loading tickets onto a Child key card or our mobile app. Details of all non-cash ways to pay for children’s journeys, can be found here

What we're doing to make our buses safer for children when travelling to and from school

  • Buses are cleaned every day with hospital grade cleaning products.
  • Our buses have been fitted with air filters that remove 99% of viruses and bacteria – including COVID-19.
  • Drivers' cabs are sealed, so they do not need to wear a face covering. If you are concerned about anything on the bus you can still speak to the driver through the screen.
  • To support social distancing, we have limited capacity on our regular bus services. The capacity limits do not apply on 'schoolchildren only' services, although the rear facing seats and seats within 2m of the driver will remain closed and there is no standing.
  • We will monitor the operation of school journeys very closely and make adjustments where needed. All information relating to safer travel and bus services is available here.

We have a customer services team available seven days a week to help with any concerns and questions you may have and if you have any questions about accessibility.