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Queens Park to Brighton Station via City Centre

Montpelier Road - Road Closure

5th Aug - 8th Dec

From Monday 5 August until Sunday 8 December, Montpelier Road will be closed in phases to enable Gas Work. During this time the following services will need to divert: Service 18 Services from Seven Dials will operate along Denmark Terrace and then turn right onto Temple Gardens. Services will then turn left into York Avenue continuing onto York Road and turning left into Western Road to resume normal route from Waitrose. Service 21A - Eastbound After the top of Furze Hill stop services will turn right into York Avenue continuing onto York Road then left into Western Road to resume normal route from Waitrose. Service 21A - Westbound After serving Waitrose Montpelier Road, services will turn left into Montpelier Place, right into York Avenue, and left into Furze Hill to resume normal route.

Queens Road - Road Closure

Today 19:30 - 21st Nov

On Wednesday 20 November from 19:30 until 04:00 the following morning, Queens Road in Brighton will be closed northbound. Services will divert from the Clock Tower continuing up onto Dyke Road, then right onto Buckingham Road and right onto Upper Gloucester Road to resume normal route on Surrey Street. Southbound services are unaffected.

Queen's Park Terrace - Road Closure

24th Nov

Due to road resurfacing Queen's Park Terrace, Brighton, will be closed from 09:30 until 15:00 on Sunday 24 November. The following diversions will be in place. Service 18 After turning right into Down Terrace services will take the first left into Pankhurst Avenue, right into Freshfield Road and remain on Freshfield road at the roundabout, right into Down Terrace, then left into Queen's Park Road to resume normal route. Stops on the diversion will be observed. Service 21/21A After turning right into Queen's Park Road services will take the first left into Down Terrace, then left again into Freshfield Road to resume normal route. Stops on the diversion will be observed.

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