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How to log into your account on the new app

17th May onwards

Simply follow these six simple steps and you’re good to go!

1. Go to ‘settings’ and click on ‘sign in’ to create a new account.
2. If you previously had an account on the old app create your new account using the same email address as you had on the previous app.
3. Once logged in, go to the mobile tickets section on the app. This will trigger a verification email.
4. You should then receive an email containing a link to verify your account - click on the link.
5. Once you have clicked on the link to verify your account, any existing tickets will automatically transfer across from the previous app to your new account. If your tickets do not appear straight away try clicking elsewhere on the app and then return to the mobile tickets section or try logging in and out.
6. You can view your tickets in the 'mobile tickets' section of the app.

Please note, tickets on the new app are categorised by area, rather than type. Please click on the area of travel and then select by ticket type. For example, adult, student or child.

Thank you for downloading our new app. If you need any further assistance please contact customer services by email on or call on 01273 886200.

Brunswick Road, Shoreham - Level Crossing Closure

26th - 27th Jul

  • Affected routes:
  • 2

From 23:00 on Monday 26 July until 06:00 the following morning, the Brunswick Road level crossing in Shoreham is closed due to essential maintenance works.

During this time, eastbound service 2 will serve the Duke of Wellington bus stop and then operate an anti-clockwise loop via Ham Road, Surry Street, A259 Brighton Road and Eastern Avenue, resuming normal route from the Eastern Avenue bus stop.

Westbound services are unaffected.

Unable to serve:

- Ham Road
- Shoreham Station

Refectory Road, Falmer - Road Closure

23rd Jul - 13th Sep

From Friday 23 July until Monday 13 September, inclusive, Refectory Road on the University of Sussex campus in Falmer is closed due to roadworks. During this time, services that operate to Northfield Crescent will divert as follows.

After serving the North South Road bus stop, services will turn right on to Boiler House Hill and then left on to East Slope, resuming normal route from Park Village.

Unable to serve:

- Bramber House

Greenways, Ovingdean - Road Closure

5th Jul - 10th Sep

From Monday 05 July until Friday 10 September, inclusive, a section of Greenways in Ovingdean is closed due to roadworks.

During this time, the evening service 2 that operates via Ovingdean will continue along Longhill Road and divert via Beacon Hill, then turn left on to Greenways to resume normal route.

The 91 school bus will serve the St Dunstans bus stop and then divert via Beacon Hill and Longhill Road. The 91 school bus is unable to serve stops:

- Beacon Hill
- Ovingdean Hall School
- Ainsworth Close
- Longhill Road