Let's do it, one journey at a time.

Time to change

For a while, being ‘out-and-about’ became ‘inside-not-out’. And strangely, whilst we all stayed indoors, the outdoors became brighter, cleaner and safer. And now, as we welcome you back once more, it’s clear that we need to move with these changing times, to meet new challenges. To do what truly matters... to help you feel safer on board.

For the times that lie ahead... with loved ones, and friends... or by yourself. Because it’s time we looked forward, not back. To change hearts, minds and habits. By choosing a cleaner, safer way to travel. If you have been away, welcome back...let’s do it, one journey at a time.

Before the pandemic, a lot of us took the area and people on our doorstep for granted. Now we are good to go, why not explore some of the things you have missed? 

Favourite spaces

Take one journey at a time, walk to your local bus stop, improve your health, care for the environment and rediscover your favourite spaces by bus. Whether that’s a trip to the park, the South Downs Way or just a visit to see Mum and Dad, we’re raring to get you back to the things you enjoy again.

Some of your favourite places could be on our network – check out our Things to Do section for some of the beautiful attractions and outdoor spaces we serve.

Returning to work

Many people have been working from home and businesses are starting to call their employees back to the workplace. We are keen to reassure employers and our customers that we have taken many extra steps to ensure our buses are clean and safe, we are already carrying more people which is great for the economy and vital to get our high streets bustling again. 

If you need the latest advice for travelling by bus and also see what we’ve been doing to improve your safety on board visit our coronavirus information page.

Returning to school

The safety of children returning to school is paramount - our goal is to get them there and back quickly and as safely as possible.

We’ve put plenty of safety measures in place - such as dedicated buses and extra cleaning (using hospital grade products) to get children to school and back safely and now have six months’ experience of providing bus services safely during the pandemic.

You can find full details here about travelling by bus to school here.