Above & Beyond


Above & Beyond campaign

Welcome to Above & Beyond, our community engagement campaign where you get to nominate someone who you believe has gone Above & Beyond in their daily lives to make Brighton & Hove an even better place to be.

Things have been pretty tough for everyone lately. We would love to celebrate the amazing people that live and work in this city. The people who go out of their way to make lives just a little bit better and for many and have a hugely positive impact. We are looking for those people who go 'Above & Beyond' and embody the spirit of what Brighton & Hove is all about. It may be that person who lives next door, works in a local shop or works with you and who you think simply makes life better for everyone.

So how do you make your nomination?

Simply provide the details below and submit by email [email protected].

  • Your name and contact details
  • The name of the person you are nominating and how we can contact them
  • In no more than 500 words, tell us why they should be nominated.

So what happens if your nomination is successful?

We would like to feature your nominee and their story on one of our new fleet of 24 buses that are coming to the city very soon. The new extended range electric buses will run emissions free in the city centre and follows on from our Live & Breathe buses introduced last year - the blue ones that reflect the life of the city through the images on their sides.

Those selected for this project, will be asked to attend a photoshoot, have their photo placed on the side of one of these new buses and we’ll share their unique story inside the bus and on our website, so people can read about them as they go about their daily lives.

When will this take place?

The closing date for nominations is 30.11.20. Entries will be reviewed and champions selected by a panel from Brighton & Hove Buses. Those selected will be notified around the 7th December. Photoshoots will take place in December and the Community Champions will appear on our extended range electric buses in January 2021. The images and stories will stay in place at least until the end of December 2021. Please make sure the person you have nominated is available to take part should they be selected and are happy to take part.

We think this community campaign will make everyone feel more positive and even more connected to the great people who live and work in this city. Start writing now!

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