Travel further for less with our £2 fare cap
All single bus fares capped at £2 until June 2024!
Google Wallet with Brighton & Hove Buses
Brighton & Hove Buses and Google Wallet have partnered to give passengers more visibility into their fares.
Do it all in a day
Unlimited travel within Brighton & Hove for just £5.
Fare deals for journeys in East Sussex
This summer hop on a bus and take advantage of fantastic ongoing discounts as part of the East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan
Flexible Fares
Tap on, tap off contactless saves you money the more you travel!
Tap On, Tap Off with contactless
Everything you need to know about paying with contactless on our buses
Mobile tickets
The mobile ticket app offers great savings on your bus fare
The Key
The Key, a smarter way to travel on Brighton & Hove buses
Cash & Contactless Fares
Paying for bus travel is simple with cash.
Young people
Great deals for young people travelling on our buses with a busID card
Student travel
Students and apprentices can get up to a whopping 33% off bus travel with a valid Student ID card
Group travel
Travel as a group on just one ticket on our app.
Family travel
However you choose to spend time with your family, let our family ticket make it easier.
SAVER ticket
These can be bought on the bus, on the mobile-ticket app or on the key card
Older person's and disabled person's bus passes.
Discovery ticket
Your ticket to explore
Add bus travel to your train ticket
keyGo is a product added to a Southern Railway key card and used for Pay As You Go journeys on most train services and journeys with us.
Southern & Thameslink SAVER
Catch the bus to catch the train
Community deals
Community Deals - Affordable deals for our community
Online ticket purchasing
You can now purchase tickets from our website and they will appear instantly in your account in the mobile app ready to use.