Fare Zones

We offer a number of tickets and products that relate to travel within specific fare zones. If you are travelling more regularly, a zone-based ticket could be best for you. They come in various time periods that can range from a day, a few days, to longer periods such as 7 days, 28 days, or longer. A full range of zonal tickets for each purchasing channel can be found using the links at the bottom of this page.

Page marker icon Primary zones

The most popular zones are the ‘citySAVER and networkSAVER zones.

The citySAVER zone covers most of the urban area around the city of Brighton & Hove. The boundaries of the zone are Shoreham-by-Sea to the west, Dyke Road (A27 roundabouts)/Patcham (A27)/Ditchling Road (A27) to the north, Falmer Village to the north east, and Saltdean (Bannings Vale Stops) to the east. A full map of the zone can be found below. Please note the citySAVER tickets are not valid on N-prefixed night bus services.

citySAVER’s can be used on services operated by other bus companies, see full listing.

If you make journeys outside of the citySAVER zone, or plan to use a night bus service, then our networkSAVER zone is likely to be the one for you. This zone covers all bus route on our network and can be used on night buses. Please note that there are some special zones that cover the Lewes area and journeys that start or end in East Sussex. These can be found further down this page.

networkSAVERs can be used on services operated by other bus companies, see full listing.

For unlimited travel on any Brighton & Hove Buses or Metrobus service, a Metrovoyager may be a better option. For more details, see the Metrobus website here.

An illustration of the citySAVER and networkSAVER area map with location names

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