Single fares £2 or less

Two people hopping on stones with the sun setting in the background and text saying '£2 sunsets'

We’re pleased to be taking part in the national £2 fare cap until at least 30th June 2024. This means that no matter how far you are travelling, the maximum you will currently pay on one of our bus services for a single journey is £2.

The easiest way to make sure you pay the correct fare is to use our simple Tap-On-Tap-Off contactless service for adult tickets. We also provide a special £2 single fare via our mobile app* which can be purchased in advance and activated at the bus stop as your bus approaches. For your convenience, we also accept cash although we encourage you to have the correct change as we can’t always guarantee availability of coins. For more information about our contactless payments, see our page here. For more information around our mobile app, see our page here. For more information on cash payments, see our page here.

Some shorter journeys may be less than £2 – For details please see our journey planner here.

Please be aware that the £2 fare cap is not reduced for children. Child single fares on buses are generally half the adult fare for tickets, the cap is not reduced and remains at £2.

*The National Bus Fare cap may continue up until 31st December 2024, subject to further conversations between us and the Department for Transport. If you have purchased any mobile tickets with a use by date of 31st December 2023, these will automatically be extended if we continue with the scheme in 2024

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ for more information.