We still accept cash on our buses if you purchase a paper ticket from the driver. The best way to identify the fare that applies to your journey is to use our journey planner. For full details of what tickets can be purchased, please see our Timetables and Maps page, select the route you are travelling on, and view the fare chart in the list of PDF documents:

An image of the route 1 timetable

Please be aware that until at least the 30th June 2024, all single fares are capped at a maximum of £2, and some of the prices on our fare charts may be adjusted on board as a result.

It is helpful to have the correct money when paying by cash, as there is limited space in a driver’s cab to store change. Where possible we will provide change, but on some rare occasions we may be unable to do so. In these instances, you will be issued with a credit voucher. You can use this voucher as full or partial payment for a subsequent journey, hand it to a different driver who will exchange it for cash if they have it available, or you can bring it to our travel shop where our staff will give you cash to the value of the voucher.

Please note: We are unable to accept £50.00 notes on our buses.

Please bear in mind that paper tickets may not always provide the best value for money. If you are making several journeys in a day or travelling several times in a week, then you may find a day ticket or season ticket is better value. If you need a bit more help understanding the best product for you, please see our contact us page or visit our travel shop.