If you are an adult, our Tap-on/Tap-Off service is the simplest way to pay. Just tap your card once on the ticket machine when you board, and once on the tap-off reader when you depart the bus. The tap off reader is located to the left of the door as you exit. Every time you use contactless, we will calculate the best fare for your journey so that you don’t have to worry.

Furthermore, if you make enough journeys, then you may be eligible for our daily or weekly price capping. And what’s more, if you travel more than once in a week, then we’ll discount your day cap the more you travel. And don’t worry, you don’t need to travel on consecutive days to take advantage of our discounted capping.

With flexible price capping, there is no need to plan in advance in order to make savings. The more you travel, the lower the day price gets, and once you hit the weekly cap, the rest of the week is free. This makes it ideal for hybrid workers, or for people who only travel two or three times a week. Please note, our charging week runs from Monday to Sunday.

For more details, see the table below.

Day CitySAVER NetworkSAVER Metrovoyager
1 £5.00 £7.80 £9.40
2 £4.75 £7.41 £8.93
3 £4.50 £7.02 £8.46
4 £4.25 £6.63 £7.99
5 £4.00 £4.94 £0.62
6 £2.50 Free Free
7 Free Free Free
Total £25.00 £33.80 £35.40

You can also keep tabs on all of your payments on our website or mobile app. On our website, click on the “Login/Register” menu at the top right-hand side where you can create an account. Once your account has been created, you can register your cards so you can check your payments whenever you like. You can also download a PDF statement if you need to claim expenses. You can also view your transactions on our mobile app by going to the “Contactless Journeys” section.

Our most popular return fares are compatible with Tap-on-Tap-off, but some less popular ones are not. For a full list of return fares, please see our list here. If your return is not listed, if you want family/group tickets, or if you want child fares, please continue to ask the driver for a paper ticket.

We accept all major Visa and Mastercard payment cards, including pre-pay cards (such as Nimbl, Go Henry, Revolut, Hyperjar) for children. We also accept Applepay and Googlepay. If you are an Apple user, you can select a card for Apple Express Transit in your settings, and you will be able to tap on and off without needing to use Face ID or pin codes. If you want to view your transactions from Applepay and Googlepay online, you will need to use your physical card for one journey in order to link your e-wallet to our contactless portals.

You can still purchase paper tickets from our drivers using contactless cards if Tap-on-Tap-off is not for you.


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 What if I forget to tap off?


You will be charged the single fare to the end of the route, so always remember to tap off in order to pay the correct fare. If you do forget to tap off please contact customer services. To find out more about Tap On Tap Off Contactless visit our FAQ section.