Enviro400ER Buses

Whilst only 4% of UK roadside emissions come from buses, we still want to make every change we can to help make a difference. Over the last four years our miles per gallon (MPG) has improved by 7.5% with fuel consumption dropping by 1 million litres. Site energy has improved with electricity by 28% and gas by 6%. Co2 emissions combined have improved by 16% at 29,000 tonnes and we want to make this even better. We also continue to invest extensively in a low carbon fleet:

We now have 54 Enviro400 ER hybrid electric buses with geo-fenced zero emission electric only operation through the city’s Low Emission Zone delivering 3,000,000 passenger journeys and 244,000 miles of zero emission bus travel every year. We have also conducted successful trials for extending the emissions free area to help improve air quality in the city and to help tackle climate change.

Watch our short film to find out how these buses really work with a look under the bonnet with Dan Hyden from ADL.