Free WiFi

WiFi is currently available to use, for free, on all our buses.

To use our free WiFi, simply login to the "go-brighton" WiFi connection and confirm you accept the terms and conditions.

There are no sign-ups or passwords required.

The protocol for WiFi use so everyone receives the same benefit is as follows:

You are welcome to use WiFi for email, messages and chat, including social networks and connections to your corporate network, and surf the internet.

You cannot use the WiFi service to watch catch up TV (ie heavy video streaming), download very large files or file sharing (eg BitTorrent).

Your onboard connection is shared with other users and a fair use policy applies. There is a daily download limit of 45MB per user, so please use the WiFi service sensibly.

The table below shows you how to get the best from our WiFi service:

Email, messaging and chat
Surf the web
Social networking (e.g. Facebook & Twitter)
Connect to your corporate network
Watch catch up TV (i.e. heavy video streaming)
Downloading very large files
File sharing (e.g. BitTorrent)