Information and Terms and Conditions of use for the Helping Hand card

Information and Terms and Conditions of use for the Helping Hand card.

-Please be advised that passengers will still need to carry a valid bus ticket or concessionary pass as the Helping Hand card does not entitle the holder to free travel.

-The card is an information purposes only. The driver can only request and advise accordingly regarding the information on the card.  At the present time a driver can only request that passengers vacate the priority seating to allow another passenger or wheelchair user to board.  If the passengers requested refuses to vacate the area the driver is unable to enforce this.  The driver will, quite rightly, make reasonable request however. 

-We will endeavour to provide your card within 7-10 days of your application.

-The Helping Hand card is not transferable as it has been designed for the sole use of the person named on the card.

- It is obligatory to have ones name printed on the card.

-The emergency contact number is voluntary only and not obligatory although recommended.

-Please be advised however that although we will endeavour to contact the person’s emergency number we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make direct contact due to the person not responding to the call or the pass being unavailable to view.  An unavailable pass may be due to the passenger not carrying the card at the time or not being accessible.

-In the rare occurrence of an emergency we will pass the details on the card onto emergency services in attendance if and when necessary.

-In the case of a lost Helping Hand card please report it directly to us at 01273 886200 or by emailing [email protected] and provide all card holders details including full name and address details as well as a contact telephone number.

-We will endeavour to replace a lost card within 7-10 days if unfound and not on our lost property list.

- There is no charge at this present time for a replacement lost or damaged card.

- We will be providing a wallet or lanyard with the Helping Hand card free of charge. Please advise us on your preference when applying.

-We will be able to advise on the applications of Helping Hand cards with over 18 years of age passenger’s representative whether this be a relative, social worker or teacher. We will be unable however to discuss any private and confidential information of the passenger without their full consent.