Mobile-Tickets Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use – Brighton and Hove Bus Company (the “Company”) App

Updated 25th July 2018

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) govern the use of the Brighton & Hove Buses App (the “App”). By downloading the App you agree to be bound by these Terms. “We” “us” “our” refers to the Company. “You” “your” refers to the person downloading and/or using the App. We may modify these Terms at any time by posting revised Terms on the App and/or the Company website.

1. Unregistered use:

You do not need to register an account to use the App, however if you wish to use the app to travel you must have a verified account. A verified account is an account where you have verified the information provided by entering a four-digit code sent to the sign in method used, at present this is the email address you enter during the sign-up process. You do not need to add payment details to use tickets – tickets can be gifted (see section 2c below) but you must register a payment method to purchase tickets using the App. If you do not register to use the App, but continue to use it, you agree to be bound by the Terms detailed in sections 4 to 9 below. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms you must uninstall the App.

2. Mobile tickets

a. Account

To use mobile tickets with the App you must register and verify an account. You must only log into one device at a time. Should you damage your device and are unable to log out of your account, the Company will be able to restore access to your account so that you can log in on a replacement device. In such circumstances, you must contact the Company by the customer support number 01273 886 200. One copy of the App may be installed per device only. You must not install more than one copy of the App under different names.

b. Purchase of tickets

Tickets purchased using the App are delivered instantly. (Dependent on the internet connection speed/availability.) Once purchased, your mobile ticket cannot be altered. In the event of an accidental purchase, you should contact the Company as soon as reasonably possible. We will review your case and, if we deem it appropriate, we will refund you the cost of your purchase. If your mobile ticket is gifted or activated accidentally, we will review your case and, if we deem it appropriate, we will refund you the cost of your purchase. Other than where a mobile ticket is “gifted” to another recipient, mobile tickets purchased and activated, are locked to your registered device and cannot be transferred, copied or moved to another device. If you uninstall the app prior to logging out, you may lose access to any purchased tickets, whether activated or not, even if you reinstall. In such circumstances, you will need to contact the Company, whose agents will review your case and may restore your tickets. (

With the exception of gifting as described in section 2c below, you must not purchase extra tickets for use by a second person. This will result in the driver refusing travel. (Tickets for transporting several passengers on 1 ticket are available.) Mobile tickets are intended only for the holder of the mobile device to use - multiple tickets cannot be activated on one device and shared. Where group tickets for multiple passengers are used, the account holder must travel with the party at all times.

c. Gifting tickets

Mobile tickets may be purchased by one person and transferred for use to another person. This process is known as the “gifting” of mobile tickets. A mobile ticket purchased by one person and

passed to another person for use is known as a mobile ticket that has been “gifted”. Mobile tickets may only be “gifted” if both the purchaser and the recipient have registered accounts on the App. It is only possible to gift unused tickets – for example a multi journey ticket cannot be gifted if one of the journeys has been used. Once a ticket has been gifted, it cannot be re-gifted. This includes tickets that have been added to your account by our agents.

d. Activation and use

The mobile tickets made available by the App may only be used for travel on the Company’s services and other specified services. Tickets are downloaded to your registered mobile device via the internet and must be refreshed periodically by using the App while your device is online whether the tickets are activated or not. Provided your device has been online recently, you do not need to be online to activate and use tickets, however you must be prepared to put your device online at the request of a company official. You must activate your ticket by the activation date specified on the ticket. You must ensure that the clock on your phone is synced with the time on the mobile phone network and you must not attempt to change the time or date on your phone to extend the life of a ticket. You may be refused travel if the clock on your phone is not synced as described above.

3. Display to Company Staff:

By purchasing a mobile ticket, you agree to cooperate fully with Company Officials and show your phone/ticket for inspection if asked to do so. Where specified on the mobile ticket, proof of entitlement (for example proof of age or student status) forms part of your mobile ticket and must be shown on request to Company Officials. Your mobile ticket should be displayed clearly on the devices screen. Where a QR code is used, this must be presented to the reader and to the driver or other Company Officials upon request. Where a flash pass is used, you must show the pass clearly to the bus driver so they are able to see the content of the pass. If your device is offline, you must be prepared to put it online at the request of a Company Official. If you are unable to show the mobile ticket when requested then a paper ticket will need to be purchased if you wish to travel. On some devices, the App can take several seconds to load up, so it is recommended that you load the App and mobile ticket whilst waiting for the bus (the exception is the 15-minute tickets which need activating as the bus arrives) - failure to have a visible mobile ticket on your mobile phone will result in you having to pay for a new ticket. Or may result in the driver refusing travel. It is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile phone is sufficiently charged to display the mobile ticket as many times as required for the duration of your journey, including at origin and destination stops.

4. Use of the App – The App:

a. allows you to buy tickets for travel with the Company and provides you with other ancillary information (the “purpose”). All tickets purchased for travel via the App are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage of the Company and can be found here.

b. may only be used for the purpose and for your own personal use. You may not use the App or allow the App to be used for any reason other than the purpose and specifically you may not use the App for commercial purposes;

c. Is owned by the Company and its licensors. All intellectual property rights contained in, or which exist in the appearance or operation of, the App are, as between you and us, the property of us and our licensors and to the extent we are able we grant you a revocable, royalty free licence to use the App for the purpose only.

5. Technical Requirements.

The App may only be accessible and function when used in conjunction with certain operating systems. It is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile device that you operate the App on has the required version of the relevant operating system. You are responsible for all data charges incurred when using the App, with the provider of data services to your mobile device.

6. Suspension and Termination.

We may cease to operate the App or make it available (either permanently or temporarily) and, other than refunding the values of any balance associated with unused portions of tickets or full tickets purchased using the App, the Company shall have no liability to you, for such temporary or permanent cessation.

7. Security:

If you lose the mobile device on which your mobile tickets are stored, we will not be liable to issue replacements for portions of activated tickets. The safekeeping of the mobile ticket is your responsibility. In the event that the mobile ticket device is lost or damaged, Customer Services will unlock the account to allow you to access the existing tickets on a replacement device.

8. Data Protection:

a. Information about how we use any personal data about you collected via the App is set out in the Company's Privacy Policy – found here…. Privacy Policy.

b. Certain parts of the App use services provided via the Google Maps APIs. For example, when planning a journey using the App, whether you have an account or not, the details you enter are sent to Google and used to return results. Your continued use of the App indicates your agreement to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service and your acceptance of the content of Google Privacy Policy.

9. Availability and Liability:

We do not warrant that that the App will be available at all times or that when available it will function without error but we will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the App is available for use and operative at all times during which our Company operates services. We will not be responsible or liable where failure of the App is due to a reason beyond our reasonable control. In the event that the App does not work for any reason which is within our reasonable control then our sole liability to you shall be a refund of the cost of any journey which has been pre-paid and that you are unable to make due to the App’s unavailability. We will not be liable for any other losses of whatever type suffered by you. Applications for refunds under due to unavailability shall be notified to the Company within 48 hours of the occurrence of the unavailability and limited to an amount equal to two-day travel passes.