Hate crime and Safeguarding

A HATE CRIME is when a person is treated with hate just for who they are

We don't and won't tolerate any hate related incident within our company. You can be assured of our commitment in assisting the Police as well as the CPS in the investigation of Hate related crime and we will 100% support any prosecution taken forward.

We also recognise the rare occasions when a customer, for their own reasons, may not wish to report an action to the police. We highly recommend that these crimes should always be reported to the police but we also respect the wishes of customers regarding information shared.

Remember you do not have to deal with this alone. We will help in any way that we can and ensure that your complaint is rightly dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Who investigates hate related crime at your company?

With the incident details provided, specialised staff within the customer service department, will trace the correct bus in order for the senior investigating manager to take direct appropriate action.

Operations Director, Gordon Frost, is our head of safeguarding and he personally oversees any hate crime related complaints. Thus ensuring all our policies and procedures are stringently followed.

This also includes any other Safeguarding issue raised. 

What do I need to do if I witness a hate crime or it happens to me?

If you are on board the bus and feel unsafe report:

  • directly to the police on 101 and in an emergency call 999
  • directly to the driver and advise that you need help

Alternatively, you can contact us by:

  • filling out this form
  • calling the bus company on 01273 886200
  • emailing [email protected]
  • in person at Brighton Travel Shop on 27 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1EB or at our Head Office at 43 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LT
  • letter by writing to us at Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company, 43 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LT
  • texting SMS for customers with hearing impairments 07583 051915

Once contact is made, each case will be investigated by a dedicated customer service advisor from our safeguarding team. Any investigation would follow a similar course to this:

  • Contact is made through the customers preferred channel.
  • Referred to a dedicated safe guarding team member.
  • Advice will always be given that police should be contacted as it is a criminal offence - but we do not contact the police on the customer's behalf.
  • Details of the incident will be requested which include - The date, the time, bus service number, direction of travel, where on route the incident happened, incident description, description of people involved.
  • The investigation is immediately referred to the Head of Safeguarding, Operations director Gordon Frost.
  • The driver and any other staff members will be seen and interviewed.
  • The CCTV will be downloaded.
  • With permission the information will be shared with the police in order to enable a criminal prosecution.

We will endeavour to ensure that the same staff member will be your point of contact throughout. However, this is not always possible. 

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the reporting process another staff member can and will be assigned.

Who is on the Safeguarding team?

Gordon Frost - Safeguarding Head

Luke Taylor-Sales - Head of Customer Experience 

Kirstie Bull - Operations Manager 

Victoria Garcia - Accessibility Manager

Sam Hart - Accessibility Officer

Andy Sutton-Smith - Customer Experience Manager 

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