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Safe Haven Scheme

Safe Haven's Scheme, in partnership with Speak Out 'Safe Places', is a brand new initiative that allows us to offer a safe place to go if needed.

The scheme will offer help and support to anyone presenting themselves as needing assistance or is unsure of their surroundings.

At the present time this is primarily for people living with dementia or people with learning disabilities.

Brighton & Hove Buses have been working with the Alzheimers Society for some time now - whom have been the most supportive in the training of our staff and in offering their guidance on how we can help and support people living with dementia.


Safe Haven Location Address Opening Times

1 Stop Travel (Brighton & Hove Buses)

26 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1EB

Monday - Friday 0830 - 1830

Saturday 0900 - 1730

Sunday and Bank Holidays 0930 - 1600

Reception at Head Office (Brighton & Hove Buses) 43 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LT

Mondays - Fridays 0830 - 1700

Crawley Travel Shop (Metrobus) Friary Way, Crawley, RH10 1JA

Mondays - Fridays 0830 - 1800

Saturdays 0830 - 1700

Sundays 1030 - 1630

All our customer service staff are Dementia Friends and have been trained to recognise and help if someone obviously needs assistance or is confused. Staff can offer customers something as simple as a cup of tea and a safe place to sit until they are feeling better or to take this further to call upon expert help if required. Staff are equipped with information, support and contact telephone numbers to call upon to receive more specialist help if required.

'Safe Havens' can also offer a place for people with learning disabilities to go if again they just need a place to sit and wait until they feel more secure. There are 21 other 'Safe Places' in the city which allow people with learning disabilities to be provided help and assistance if they feel unsafe or threatened in any way. Speak Out are hoping to increase the number of 'Safe Places' to at least 25.

We are pleased to be offering this service and will continue to help and support where we can. We would like to thank the Alzheimers Society as well as Speak Out for all their help and assistance.

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