Wheelchair Taxi Guarantee Scheme

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All of our buses are 100% wheelchair accessible.

The driver will endeavour to ensure the wheelchair bay is available for a wheelchair user to board. However if this isn't possible we do have the wheelchair taxi guarantee scheme which provides a free accessible taxi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who calls for my taxi?

The driver will contact the control room and advise if the customer has an electric or manual wheelchair as this depends on the accessible taxi required.

What do I need to do?

The driver will provide you with a taxi guarantee information leaflet which you present to the taxi driver.

Do I need to pay for the taxi?

No, the taxi is free and all monies are paid directly to the taxi company by us.

Can I board the next bus instead of waiting for a taxi?

Yes, of course. Taxi guarantee is all about giving choice to the wheelchair user and allowing access to travel at all times.

For more information, our customer service team are happy to help. Contact information, including opening times, can be found here.