Santa Bus Sign Up - are you a local business- a shop, pub or organisation?

This year's Santa Bus will be visiting multiple areas over 19 nights. All the route maps will be published within the next 2 weeks on this website and also our media partner, The Argus, will publish all the routes. 

Could you be a Santa Bus Collection Point? We need as many as possible across the city.  

If you are a local business, local store or community centre would like to sign up to be a Santa Bus Collection Point then please fill out the following form .

Once you have signed up, one of Santa's Little Helpers will be in contact with you within 7 days. 

All participating Santa Bus Collection Points will have their business name added to the partnership page and their location will be added onto the Collection Point map.

You will also be provided with Santa Bus Collection Point pack which includes:

  • a poster for your window
  • a collection bucket or collection pot 
  • a Santa Bus post to show you are a partner
  • a social media poster if you wish to share on social media you are a partner 

All the the collection buckets will then be collected at Christmas and all the monies shared equally among the 12 participating charities here Anna holding the Santa Bus pack

Santa bus collection pack