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Disabled Access Day

Free all day bus travel for companions of Disabled Concessionary Card Holders on Disabled Access Day- 16 March 2019

We are proud at Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus to once again be supporting such a great event by providing free, all day, unlimited travel across our entire network for the chosen companion of disabled concessionary card holders. 

What is Disabled Access day? -

The day was founded by Paul Ralph, against the backdrop of wanting to make it easy for disabled people to try something new. The idea came to him after he wanted to try a bus without a rush and with time to get the feel for how it worked. His local bus company arranged for him to travel at a quieter time and afterwards he became a regular bus user. He then chatted with friends about creating similar opportunities, in varying settings ... and hence the idea of Disabled Access Day was born!  

How does my travelling companion get free travel on the day?

Produce your Disabled Concessionary Card as normal to the driver. The companion should accompany you boarding the bus ensuring that the driver has been advised you are travelling together. 

What happens if I already have a Plus Companion (+C) on my Disabled Concessionary Card?

You are still entitled to your normal free plus one but for the whole day, to celebrate Disabled Access Day, you will be able to have a second companion travelling free with you.

What times and how far can I travel?

The normal terms and conditions of your Disabled Concessionary pass will still apply. Please do check with your local council before travelling in you are unaware of the travelling restrictions or call us on 01273 886200 if you have any queries at all.

This offer only applies for Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus services.

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