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Brilliant bus design gets the student vote for university bus route  

1 year ago Fri 15th Mar 2019

An eye-catching new bus designed to promote positivity on our university route 25 will be unveiled at Sussex University on Wednesday next week. 

Around 700 Sussex University students voted on two designs by local artist Lois O’Hara, who is known for using bold colours and wavy patterns to help people feel energised and improve well-being, in a project commissioned by us.  

The clear winner was the artist’s distinctive wave design in pink, blue and orange.

Lois approached us because she wanted a large-scale canvas on which to promote positive mental health, a theme which often comes up in her work, as do motion and fluidity.   

“It was just a natural connection, really. The fact the bus moves around is a visual tie-in and a bendy bus is even better,” Lois said. “I hope it will encourage people to get on the bus and hopefully they’ll want to talk to people on the bus.  

“I was shocked that so many people voted. I think people liked the ability to have a say. It was a really good idea.”   

Brighton & Hove Impetus and Sussex University student counsellors will provide a walk-in advice service on the day for students suffering from loneliness. 

An October 2018 UK study* found that 16 to 24-year-olds were more likely to report feeling lonely than older people. In fact, 40%, said they felt lonely often or very often, compared with 29% of 65 to 74-year-olds and 27% of those aged over 75. 

These numbers are no surprise to Sussex University student, Roxanne Lavanchy.  

"Starting university and studying can be very stressful and isolating,” Roxanne said. “It can seem as if everyone is having a wonderful time when you are struggling. If you are feeling lonely and isolated, talk to a friend, to family or someone at university. You are not alone!”  

Brighton & Hove Impetus CEO, Jo Crease said: "Social isolation and loneliness can affect anyone, at any age. We are delighted to work with Brighton and Hove Buses on their Chatty Bus initiative at Sussex University. By working together, we can raise awareness of the issue, and help build the connections we all need to thrive."

Our new bus will be revealed on Wednesday March 20, during Sussex University’s One World Week celebrations. The bus and the artist will be there from 11am to 3pm.  

The day’s events include celebrations for the Hindu spring festival Holi, also known as the festival of colour or the festival of love, where people throw brightly coloured paint at one another and agree to forgive and forget.

Our Managing Director Martin Harris said: “I hope this exciting project will get people talking to each other on the way to university, whether that’s on the bus or elsewhere, and help connect people who are struggling, to local support services.”

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