Introducing Fares in Journey Planner

4 months ago Thu 8th Feb 2024

Illustration of an open laptop and phone facing frontward with the words 'Fares in Journey Planner' in a hot pink lozenge on a teal background with the Journey Planner displayed on their screens

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the Brighton & Hove Buses mobile app and website.

The Fare Finder, which is a new addition to our Journey Planner function, is now available to use and enables passengers to anticipate the journey costs for their next trip.

In a recent study by Transport Focus, you expressed a desire to know about bus fares beforehand. Therefore, responding to this need, we have been working hard to integrate fare details seamlessly into our app and website.

In short, the fare finder feature simplifies journey planning for passengers by including a list of available fare options (if using our mobile app, simply go to the menu, select the  ‘Journey Planner’ option and input your journey details there).

Array of 3 phones displaying the user journey from the app to the fare finder

Once you have entered your departure and destination, along with your preferred travel dates and times, the tool will then generate a list of various fare options, allowing you to compare prices and select a suitable option for you. Once you've made your choice, you can purchase your ticket.

Next time you’re planning to travel with us, try using the journey planner on our website or mobile app, where you’ll get all get all the info you need to plan your journey in one place.