Flexible Fares

We want you to get good value for money whenever you travel with us. That’s why we have introduced a discounted daily cap with tap on, tap off contactless. If you haven't tried it yet, then give it a go.

Flexible and capped tap on, tap off contactless gives you the opportunity to pay flexibly, with minimal planning in advance and still get rewarded for regular travel. The more journeys made in a week using tap on tap off contactless, the cheaper the daily price cap will get. And if the total cost of journeys reach our weekly price cap, then we’ll leave it there. You won’t pay any more for that week but you do still need to tap on and tap off as usual. To see how the discount works click here

Flexible capping with tap on, tap off contactless is perfect if you are only in the office a few days a week, heading into town for shopping or meeting up with friends. Our new offer gives you flexibility and great savings at the same time.

Tap on, tap off contactless is available for both City and Network SAVERS. If you’re not one of thousands of people already travelling this way, why not give it a go? Just tap your Visa or Mastercard, Google Pay or Apple Pay on the reader as you get on the bus and tap off as you leave. There are card readers at every set of doors and you don’t have to wait until the bus stops, you can tap off as the bus approaches your stop. To find out more click here to read our FAQ’s.