This week is National #HIVTestingWeek

4 months ago Mon 5th Feb 2024

Bus with writing that says 'HIV isn't scary anymore' with a driver inside giving a thumbs up to the camera

This week is National #HIVTestingWeek. In 2019 we launched a special bus in partnership with the Martin Fisher Foundation, dedicated to challenging the stigma around HIV. 

We collaborated with The Martin Fisher Foundation and local illustrator Daniel Locke on the design of the bus wrap, and the bus continues to serve the city to this day with its captivating design.

Inside the bus, there are panels scored with words about Martin's life, recent advances in HIV treatment, and the Foundation's campaign to boost testing rates while reducing stigma.

Martin Fisher Foundation Trustee Dr Gill Dean said: “This bus will act as a catalyst for meaningful conversations around HIV and improve understanding of how stigma can be such an enormous burden for people living with HIV.

“Another aim of the bus is to spell out that HIV isn’t scary anymore. We’ve come a long way since the tombstones of the 1980s. Treatment is now well tolerated, safe and effective and, when it’s taken every day, means people can’t pass the virus on to anyone else.”

Since 2019 this bus has visited to innumerable places and events, and has served many Brighton & Hove bus routes.

You can still see the bus serving our city today. To track and travel on our Martin Fisher bus follow the and click on the map for vehicle number 438.

Visit to learn more about The Marin Fisher Foundation and what they do.