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Coronavirus: service disruption update - Special timetables are in place, with an emphasis on maintaining early morning bus services for key workers and essential travel.

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Information for blind and partially sighted passengers

Accessible travel for all is essential for the comfort and safety of our passengers.

We would like to thank all our passengers who have contributed by providing feedback which helps us to improve the quality of the service we deliver.

We also work with some amazing organisations like The RNIB, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Possability People. Their expertise, advice and ongoing contributions have helped improve staff training and our accessible travel initiatives.

What can we do to help to you?

  • Large print timetables and information sheets on request.
  • All buses are talking buses.
  • All driver training staff trained as Level 3 My Guides.
  • All drivers in training receive Level 1 My Guiding.
  • Free travel for handlers of Guide Dogs when training.
  • Customer service accessibility trained teams - 01273 886200.
  • A full time accessibility officer - Victoria Garcia.
  • Helping Hand cards - A simple, effective, discreet way to advise any assistance required.

We are also proud to have signed up to the RNIB Bus Charter

The Bus Charter promotes 13 objectives to ensure Bus Companies are able provide Blind and Partially sighted passengers is here.

Watch the video here.

We will make sure for blind and partially sighted passengers that we:

  • Automatically serve a stop if passengers are waiting. No stop is a request stop.
  • Advise which service they are and assist when needed.
  • Don't pull away until the passenger is seated and advise on available seats.
  • Continue to clearly mark our priority seating and ensure our drivers will assist passengers that may require it.
  • Continue to update our talking bus announcements and keep them in full working order. In the exceptional circumstance that a talking bus isn't functioning, the driver will advise on request when at the passenger's destination.
  • At Metrobus we will continue to expand on our talking bus fleet. We are already 100% talking buses at Brighton &Hove.
  • All feedback, as with all passengers, is taken forward, investigated and used to continue improving our service.
  • Continue to work with the RNIB and other organisations to ensure that our information is accessible as possible and our training is updated accordingly.

Talking Bus Stops

Brighton & Hove City Council introduced Talking Bus Stops in 2007 to provide blind and visually impaired passengers access to real time bus information in Brighton & Hove. People using the scheme have a battery-operated key fob which alerts them when they are near one of the talking bus stops. To find out more about talking bus stops and to apply for your key fob, visit Brighton & Hove City Council's website.

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