Information for blind and partially sighted passengers

Recite Me: accessibility and language support is at the top right of the page. 

Accessible travel for all is essential for the comfort and safety of our customers.

Thank you to all our customers who have contributed by providing feedback helping us to improve the quality of the service we deliver. This is very much appreciated. We continue to welcome feedback on how we can improve further. 

Due to Covid -19 please see further information Latest timetable information and advice for safer travel on our buses 

Also see Face Covering Guidance which includes how to apply for a free Helping Hand exemption card.

We would also like to thank the amazing organisations like The RNIB, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Possability People. Their expertise, advice and ongoing contributions have helped improve staff training and our accessible travel initiatives. 

What can we do to help to you?

  • Timetables and information available on request in large print, braille and audio CD's
  • Recite Me available on all our website pages
  • All buses have audio and visual next stop announcements 
  • Driver trainers are Level 3 My Guides in partnership with Guide Dogs
  • Drivers receive Level 1 My Guide training in partnership with Guide Dogs
  • Free travel for trainers of Guide Dogs
  • Customer service staff receive My Guide training - contact them on 01273 886200
  • A full time accessibility manager - Victoria Garcia
  • Helping Hand cards - A simple, effective, discreet way to advise of any assistance required
  • Our bus app here can assist with real time information

We signed up to the RNIB Bus Charter

The Bus Charter promotes 13 objectives for bus companies to assist Blind and Partially sighted passengers is here.

Watch the video here.

In line with the RNIB Bus charter for blind and partially sighted passengers we...

  • Automatically serve a stop if a customer is waiting
  • Advise which service and assist when needed
  • Don't pull away until the customer is seated and if requested advise on available seats
  • Continue to clearly mark our priority seating
  • Continue to update our talking bus announcements and keep them in full working order. In the exceptional circumstance a talking bus isn't functioning, the driver will advise, on request, when the customer's destination is reached
  • All feedback, as with all customers, is taken forward, investigated and used to continue improving our service
  • Continue to work with the RNIB, Guide Dogs and other organisations to ensuring we have large prints  and formats on request and our training is updated accordingly

Talking Bus Stops

Brighton & Hove City Council introduced Talking Bus Stops in 2007 to provide blind and visually impaired passengers access to real time bus information in Brighton & Hove. People using the scheme have a battery-operated key fob which alerts them when they are near one of the talking bus stops. To find out more about talking bus stops and to apply for your key fob, visit Brighton & Hove City Council's website.

East Sussex talking bus stop information is here.


For more information, our customer service team are happy to help. Contact information, including opening times, can be found here.