Marine Parade Bus Lane

3 weeks ago Wed 22nd May 2024

As part of the work to speed up bus journey times and reduce congestion in the city, Brighton & Hove City Council are planning to install a new bus lane on Marine Parade in early 2025. They are now asking for your views and feedback on the plans.

In 2022, Brighton & Hove City Council were awarded £28 million by the Department for Transport for our Bus Service Improvement Plan. The money is being used to improve bus services and provide lower fares across the city. Some of the funding has been provided to speed up buses. This includes a new bus lane on the westbound side of Marine Parade between Lower Rock Gardens and the Sea Life Centre. As this part of the road is very wide, there wouldn’t be any need to reduce the number of traffic lanes. The bus lane would operate 24 hours a day and could also be used by taxis and cyclists. It will be installed under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). This means, if necessary, Brighton & Hove City Council can make changes for up to 18 months before a decision is made on whether or not to make the bus lane permanent.

Have your say

Brighton & Hove City Council are now asking for your feedback on the plans which will help inform the final design.

To comment, please visit and click on the links to the survey.

The public engagement period will be open between 17th May and 28th June. If you’re unable to access online, would like a paper copy of the survey or require additional assistance, please call 01273 294808, leaving your details.

Once installed, there will be a further opportunity to comment during the first six months.

A diagram of Marine Parade bus plan proposal

Questions & Answers

Why is a bus lane needed?
Marine Parade is a major bus route with over 250 buses in each direction per day. Traffic flow on Marine Parade varies throughout the day and year. Congestion at busy times can be unpredictable which makes bus journey times unreliable, sometimes causing buses to terminate routes early or start late. A bus lane will help more buses run to timetable.

Why is the bus lane westbound only?
The bus lane is westbound as this is where buses experience most delays.

How does the bus lane link to the Valley Gardens project?
The bus lane has been designed to fit alongside both the Valley Gardens Phase 3 scheme and the existing road layout. Introducing the bus lane now will have the added benefit of helping to minimise the impact of construction related delays on buses.

When would the bus lane be built?
We expect the bus lane would be installed by early 2025. 

What is a TRO or ETRO?
A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required for any changes to traffic or parking restrictions on the public highway. Without this, restrictions would not be enforceable. An Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) varies from a standard TRO in that the new restriction is first introduced as a trial rather than permanent change. The statutory public consultation period for the ETRO will run for the first six months, with feedback taken into account when considering the future of the bus lane.

What will happen after the ETRO period?
Based on feedback and bus data, the council will take a decision on its future, including whether or not to make the bus lane permanent. This decision will be made by the end of the 18 month trial period.