Real time access to your contactless payments and journeys - from today!

1 month ago Tue 28th Jun 2022

Get on board the contactless revolution with real time access to your contactless payments and journeys

Our aim is to continually improve your travel experience with us. That’s why we have introduced an easier way for you to view past journeys and see all associated costs when paying by contactless tap on tap off.

The new portal is easily accessible via the website and app and gives you a comprehensive summary of all journeys and transactions made on your contactless card. You can even have multiple cards listed on your account and see the journeys that have been made with each card, including the route and where you boarded and disembarked.

The fare for each journey is in real time and visible as soon as your journey starts and is then updated as you complete your travel with us. You can also see where the fares for your journeys have been capped at the daily rate and a discount applied when you travel for more than one day in a week (Monday to Sunday) giving you even better value for money.

You can keep check of your journeys and payments at any time of the day or night. This new feature along with our existing tools for journey planning and real-time information means you have everything you need for travel right at your fingertips. If you’re not using contactless yet, why not give it a go? Over 210,000 passenger journeys are being made each week with contactless. Get on board with the contactless revolution for easy, no fuss bus travel.

Please make sure you have the most up to date versions of the apps installed. Full card details are not seen or stored by the portal. For FAQ’s please click on this link.

  • iOS: 38.2
  • Android: 38.1.1