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How to log into your account on the new app

17th May onwards

Simply follow these six simple steps and you’re good to go!

1. Go to ‘settings’ and click on ‘sign in’ to create a new account.
2. If you previously had an account on the old app create your new account using the same email address as you had on the previous app.
3. Once logged in, go to the mobile tickets section on the app. This will trigger a verification email.
4. You should then receive an email containing a link to verify your account - click on the link.
5. Once you have clicked on the link to verify your account, any existing tickets will automatically transfer across from the previous app to your new account. If your tickets do not appear straight away try clicking elsewhere on the app and then return to the mobile tickets section or try logging in and out.
6. You can view your tickets in the 'mobile tickets' section of the app.

Please note, tickets on the new app are categorised by area, rather than type. Please click on the area of travel and then select by ticket type. For example, adult, student or child.

Thank you for downloading our new app. If you need any further assistance please contact customer services by email on info@buses.co.uk or call on 01273 886200.

Newhaven Station Approach and Underpass - Road Closure

26th - 29th Jul

From Monday 26 until Wednesday 28 July, between 20:00 and 04:00 each night, the Newhaven Station Approach and Underpass is closed due to roadworks. During this time, services 12 and 12A will divert as follows.

12 service (Eastbound)
- From the A259 flyover, services will turn left down the slip road and left again onto A26 New Road. They will then turn left onto Drove Road and resume normal route from the roundabout.

12 service (Westbound)
- From Drove Road, services will turn right onto A26 New Road, right onto A259 and then use the roundabout to loop back onto the flyover.

12A service (Eastbound)
- From the A259 flyover, services will continue to the roundabout and take the third exit on to Drove Road. Services will then turn right on to A26 New Road where they will resume normal route.

12A service (Westbound)
- Services will continue on A26 New Road and then turn left on to Drove Road. At the roundabout, they will take the first exit onto the A259 flyover to resume normal route.

Unable to serve:

- Newhaven Town Station (both directions)